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The Nolato Spirit

Nolato believes that following clear values is key to good business. That's why our core values, along with a rigorous code of conduct, are at the heart of every decision our company makes.

Nolato has a long tradition of responsible business conduct. Being a good employer and a good corporate citizen, taking responsibility for what we do and always applying sound business ethics are part of our company's spirit. We believe that a future-oriented, responsible approach is not only necessary from a sustainability point of view, but also creates opportunities and business benefits. Especially when combined with our strong focus on efficiency and professionalism.
This Nolato Spirit brings together our core business principles and values in terms of business mission, vision, how we achieve that vision and our Basic Principles. It also contains our expanded code of conduct, which provides ethical guidance on everything we do and which should always be followed by all Nolato personnel.


Nolato aims to be the customer’s first choice of innovative partner in sustainable design and production.

Being the customer’s first choice means being repeatedly chosen as a partner for a customer’s most important projects. Nolato should be viewed as a reliable partner that combines expertise and experience with an innovative approach, takes responsibility and actively contributes to sustainable development, and puts the customer’s specific needs front and center.

The key factors in achieving our vision

Long-term customer relationships

Long-term, close cooperation is the objective for all Nolato’s customer relationships. In-depth understanding and knowledge of customer processes and needs, 
combined with continuity that creates experience, help generate key value.

High productivity

High productivity and a continual focus on costs are key elements of our business. Lean manufacturing maximizes business benefits for both Nolato and its customers, while it also helps to streamline processes, optimize use of resources, cut lead times, and develop innovative and sustainable solutions.

Broad customer offering

Customers are increasingly prioritizing suppliers with the global resources and expertise to be involved from concept to delivery. That’s why Nolato’s global 
organization and broad customer offering comprises everything from concept development, product design, procurement of products and services, and process optimization to high-volume production, post-processing, assembly and logistics. And there is an emphasis on sustainable development throughout all stages of the process.

Responsible business

We have strong core values based on the view that responsible, efficient and  profitable business operations must be ethical and sustainable. Areas relating to ethics, social responsibility, the environment, and health and safety are therefore an integral part of our business and key to defining Nolato’s corporate culture.


Our customers constantly challenge us with new requests and tougher requirements. We enhance our customer offering by continually raising employees’ skill levels and investing in cutting-edge technologies and acquisitions. Synergies between business areas increase value for Nolato customers and are achieved through a ‘One Nolato’ approach.

Sustainable procurement

Nolato’s supply chain is an extension of Nolato’s network and capabilities. Our strategic suppliers should strive to have a positive impact on people, society and business value, minimize their impact on the environment, and comply with Nolato’s Code of Conduct, as well as supporting other Nolato initiatives.

Local yet global presence

Proximity to customers and their markets is crucial. It’s about achieving the most efficient logistics possible, along with short lines of command and the ability to make quick decisions, close to our customers.

Solid finances

A strong financial position provides us with firm foundations and is essential for our business. Ensuring solid finances also makes Nolato a reliable supplier and partner for the long term over multiple business cycles.
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Our Basic Principles

Nolato's Basic Principles have been developed over a long period of time and provide a platform of common values for all Nolato Group operations.
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Well organized




We are professional and endeavour to achieve long-term profitability

Nolato’s long-term profitability is important for our future. We therefore all need to adopt a professional approach and focus on profitability in all aspects of our work.

We focus on the needs and wishes of our customers

Since our customers are the foundation of our business, their needs and wishes must always come first. We aim to be involved in their projects from the start, so that we can actively contribute our expertise.

We combine expertise and experience with innovative approaches

Combining our experience and expertise in polymers with innovative approaches and continual improvements will bring us closer to our vision of being customers’ partner of choice.

We ensure our operations are well organized

All aspects of our operations should be well organized, right down to the smallest detail. Making constant improvements is a natural part of our day-to-day work.

Our operations are based on a shared foundation

Nolato’s operations are based on a shared foundation of commitment, expertise, technology and values. Active and well-organised cooperation between all our units enables Nolato to be greater than the sum of its parts.

We grasp opportunities and solve problems when they arise

We create the optimum potential for our business by combining target-based management with a clear division of responsibility and authority. This allows all employees to develop according to their own capabilities and goals and those of the company.

We take responsibility for all aspects of our business

We are accountable for all impacts that our business has, now and in the future.

We contribute actively to sustainable development

We work actively to ensure our operations have as little effect on the environment and human health as possible. We therefore engage in activities that contribute to sustainable development.

We operate with integrity and transparency

We apply good business ethics, avoid conflicts of interest and value transparency both within the company and externally.

Our Code of Conduct

Nolato’s code of conduct provides binding guidelines on how our business principles and values should be put into practice. It serves as our ethical compass and corporate policy to be followed by all employees within the Group, as well as by consultants and suppliers, irrespective of workplace and function.

Read more about our Code of Conduct

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The Nolato Spirit


Nolato's Code of Conduct


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