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Jonas Carlsson sales Nolato Silikonteknik

Jonas Carlsson

Director of Global Sales - Automotive

[email protected]

+46 708 12 99 95
Johan Falk - Global Business Manager – Telecom Nolato Silikonteknik

Johan Falk

Director of Global Sales - Telecom

[email protected]

+46 73 393 1541


EMI shielding

We offer customers electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding solutions that ensure the highest quality and most reliable electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) in combination with superior cost-efficiency.

Our innovative EMI shielding solutions and in-depth expertise in this field offer unique premium conductive silicone-based products of the highest quality with significant cost-efficiency.


Trishield is our unique dispensing technology that combines excellent shielding with superior mechanical performance. Our Trishield® technology forms the dispensed EMC gaskets into a triangular shape, reducing material usage and the compression forces required. 


This is our proprietary brand of molded and extruded EMI shielding gaskets in the form of cans, frames, tubes, sheets and components. The technique involves molding or extruding electrically conductive silicone rubber into a precise size and shape. The cross-section can be rectangular, solid or hollow in various shapes and dimensions.

Expert support

Our EMC R&D center in Sweden leads the development of solutions best suited to your needs, both from our wide standard range of products and through customization to your specifications. And our local technical experts worldwide are happy to discuss your requirements anytime. 

Broad spectrum

Our EMI shielding solutions, along with our knowledge in this field, cover a broad spectrum of industries with electromagnetic shielding requirements.

Your needs, our solutions

Our shielding solutions offer superior performance, cost efficiency and design.

Customized solutions

We offer custom shielding solutions tailored to your needs.
EMI Shielding production


Efficient shielding solutions

You can rely on our effective EMI solutions, whatever your product, whatever your industry. Our efficient shielding solutions are widely used not only in telecommunications and automotive but also in consumer electronics, medical devices and security applications.
EMI Shielding production


Research and continual improvement

Our ongoing research and development in this field ensures we produce the most advanced, cost-effective and flexible EMI shielding products.
EMI Shielding production

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Cleanroom production

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Laser-activated bonding

Laser-activated bonding is a technique developed by Nolato for assembling components of display screen panels and other applications.