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Injection molding of plastics

Nolato has over 50 years' experience in advanced injection molding of plastics and TPE.

Nolato's high level of molding expertise, cutting-edge machinery and continuous process monitoring ensure consistent and efficient production with high-quality output.

Single process step

Manufacturing complex products in a single process step improves both cost efficiency and design.


Our various production facilities allow us to offer you the service that best suits your requirements in terms of cost, timing and quality.

From micro-molding to multi-shot molding

Nolato has a broad offering, from micro-molding (<0.001 g) to large sizes as single- or multi-component molding, with machine size of up to 3,200 ton clamping force.


From conventional to more complex injection molding, we can provide MuCell technology to reduce the weight of your products and water injection molding (WIT) for complex hollow products.

Meeting all requirements

In addition to traditional injection molding, we also provide complex solutions in which molding is often combined with secondary processes such as insert molding, in-mold decoration (IMD/IML/IMF), in-mold closing, in-line quality control and final packaging. We work with market-leading suppliers of injection molds, automation and other secondary processes.
Injection Molding plastics production


Injection molding of plastics: our expertise

Our technological leadership in single, 2-, 3- or 4-component molding provides you with products offering functional features and combinations of mechanical properties that meet almost any demand you may have.
Injection Molding plastics production


Medical applications production

Production of medical applications and surface-sensitive components is carried out in Class 7, 8 and 9 cleanroom environments.
Injection Molding plastics production

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Creating world-class operations

Medical Excellence is our way of creating world class operations inspired by the Nolato spirit, our strategies, quality standards and our lean processes and tools. Together, these elements create a framework for managing resources efficiently and increasing value for our customers.


Collaborating with universities and students

By collaborating with established universities and talented students, we can create great value from several perspectives. Not only will Nolato invest in innovative employees that make us grow as a company, but we can also make sure to educate and support students to make them grow as well.


We are responsible for our environmental footprint

Sustainable development has long been a top priority for Nolato. It’s a natural part of our corporate culture and something that is deeply rooted in the company. Now we are setting absolute targets according to SBTi.