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Knitted mesh and environmental seal

“Twinstrip” EMI Shielding is a combination of a knitted wire mesh gasket (or elastomer cored knitted wire mesh gasket) with a non-conductive environmental seal.

“Twinstrip” EMI Shielding is a combination of a knitted wire mesh gasket (or elastomer cored knitted wire mesh gasket) with a non-conductive environmental seal.

The wire mesh types used are Monel, Aluminium, TCS and Stainless Steel and the permutations of wire and elastomer combinations are almost endless providing excellent EMI shielding & a wide range of environmental, water, dust and pressure seals.

Knitted wire mesh & environmental seal combinations can be supplied as gaskets, in strip form or as pre-cut kits, ready bagged and labelled to suit specific enclosures. Limit stops and collars can be fitted to prevent over-compression or the distortion of mating surfaces.

Knitted Mesh & Environmental Seal products


Twinstrips are used on enclosure doors and covers where an environmental or high IP rated seal is needed in addition to an EMI gasket. The materials provide the EMI shielding levels of knitted mesh combined with the environmental protection of sponge, tubular or solid rubbers. For hazardous situations, such as the presence of hydrocarbon contamination, Flurosilicone or other chemical resistant elastomers can be used.

Most knitted wire mesh with an enviromental seal gaskets have a pressure sensitive adhesive backing with release tape, enabling the gaskets to be quickly and easily fixed in postion. The adhesive also helps unmounted gaskets to retain their shape during production and storage and allows the gaskets to be mounted onto any flat surface without the need for a groove or channel to hold it in place.

For many applications, particularly where the gasket is fitted inside a rack or enclosure, pre-cut and mitred adhesive backed lengths of Twinstrip can be supplied to your specification, offering a fast and effective solution with considerable cost, packaging and space savings.
Knitted Mesh & Environmental Seal products
Find more information, such as our standard sizes etc, in our catalogue.


Detailed information


Monel BS3075 - NA13 (0.11mm diameter)
Aluminium 5056 AMS 4182 (0.13mm diameter)
TCS ASTM B520 (0.11mm diameter)
Stainless Steel Alloy 304 (0.11mm diameter)
Silicone Sponge AMS 3195  
Silicone Solid ZZ-R-765  
Neoprene Sponge Mil-R-6130  
Neoprene Solid/Tube Mil-R-6855  


Frequency Field Monel Aluminium TCS S/Steel
10KHz H 45 40 60 40
100KHz H 49 45 65 44
1MHz H 60 60 85 58
1MHz E 125 125 125 125
10MHz E 120 120 120 120
100MHz E 100 100 108 100
400MHz P 98 95 99 94
1GHz P 85 76 78 76
10GHz P 80 65 62 60


- Wire meshes – generally ± 0.8mm on diameter, width and height

- Linear measurements on gaskets – up to 300mm ± 0.8mm, up to 1000mm ± 1.5mm

- Sponge and solid elastomers – up to 4.5mm ± 0.4mm, over 4.5mm ± 0.8mm

How to order

Shielding Series Mesh Portion Elastomer Size
KC See knitted mesh SS = Silicone Sponge xxxx-xxxx
  or cored mesh NS = Neoprene Sponge  
    NX = Neoprene Solid  
    SX = Silicone Solied  
    ES = EDPM Sponge  

Examples / Notes

Suffix #1 (after mesh portion) = number of layers of mesh, E.g. (1) indicates one layer, default is 2 layers
S/A = Self adhesive (default is S/A)
N/A= No adhesive.

KC-MST-60-0032(1)-NS-0032-0127-S/A = Monel mesh (1 layer) over 3.2 diameter Silicone tube bonded to Neoprene sponge 3.2 x 12.7 mm rectangular section (self adhesive)
For gaskets or strip material not shown, please send a drawing or specification and we will allocate a part number with our quotation.

Please note

- Rubber gaskets change shape marginally after cutting as the rubber recovers. This should be taken into account when inspecting pre-cut gasket forms

- Twinstrip can be supplied as strip material, pre-formed gasket sections or as finished gaskets

- Other sizes and profiles are available – please ask!

For any technical queries please contact our sales office.

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Gaskets can come in various shapes and sizes. We have put together a guide to help you measure some of the most common shaped gaskets correctly. Please follow the methods to help you successfully measure a gasket.

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