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Laboratory products

We are a leading global partner in polymer products and subsystems. We offer a wide range of standard products, mainly for laboratory and medical care use.

Nolato offers a large variety of products specifically for laboratories.

High-quality products

We supply all our customers with consistently high-quality products and services and believe in building long-term relationships.

Environmental performance

Nolato is certified to ISO 14001 standards and we aim to constantly improve our environmental performance.

Unique design

We design and manufacture products to meet the necessary quality and delivery standards for laboratories.


Our products and services help our customers solve day-to-day challenges in laboratory applications.

Extensive offering

We have a wide range of laboratory products, including microtubes, deep-well plates, pipettes, containers and lids, spoons and cups.

Quality, hygiene and environmental care

We ensure that all products and services meet the demands and expectations of our customers. Optimum quality and hygiene are of utmost importance to us.
Clean room environment at Nolato Treff

Product range


TreffLab by Nolato

Our TreffLab by Nolato portfolio of laboratory products for manual use has been developed to provide you with the ideal equipment for your daily laboratory needs. These products are produced in microbiologically controlled, ISO Class 8 cleanrooms on state-of-the-art production lines and are marketed worldwide. Product quality is constantly monitored and there are regular cleanroom inspections and requalification by external experts.

Explore our TreffLab products

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Treff Lab Products


  • Autolys M products
  • Deep Well Plates
  • Microtubes
  • PCR/qPCR products
  • Pipettes & Slim-Line Pipette Tips
  • Treff Vial HP
  • TreffLab Quality Grades


Nolato Cerbo laboratory products

Nolato provides an extensive range of single-use and reusable labware for clinical, chemical, research and industrial testing laboratories. We design and manufacture plastic injection-molded products that meet the necessary quality standards and performance requirements for laboratories. Customized colors, features and designs can be developed and produced upon request.

Download the complete Nolato Cerbo Lab Guide

Nolato Cerbo Lab products


  • Boxes with integrated lids
  • Containers with hinged lids
  • Sampling and transport tubes
  • Eye rinse cups and dental boxes
  • Spoons and cups
  • Disposable tubes and containers
  • Test tubes and ergonomic caps
  • Containers, vials and slide tubes with push on lids

Our laboratory product facilities


TreffLab worldwide agencies

Our TreffLab products are produced by our company Nolato Treff in Switzerland and distributed by our worldwide agencies. Long-term partnerships with our professional agencies ensure sales continuity and expert customer service.

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Nolato globe


Contact Nolato Cerbo Lab

Our Nolato Cerbo Lab products are produced by Nolato Cerbo in Sweden. If you would like to know more about our products or if you have any questions, please contact us.

Contact Nolato Cerbo

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Nolato Cerbo factory

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Creating world-class operations

Medical Excellence is our way of creating world class operations inspired by the Nolato spirit, our strategies, quality standards and our lean processes and tools. Together, these elements create a framework for managing resources efficiently and increasing value for our customers.



Nolato's medical products are designed to meet specific customer requirements in a safe, reliable and convenient way.



Nolato has over 75 years' experience of producing high-quality diagnostic and laboratory products.