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Carolina Kjellman sales Nolato MediTor

Carolina Kjellman

Standard Products - Breathing bags, Catheter Balloons, Dip molding

[email protected]

+46 729 83 91 60


Breathing bags

Nolato offers a wide range of high-quality breathing bags manufactured in a cost-effective medical device environment.

Globally recognized product design

Nolato's breathing bags are used worldwide. We have been chosen as the breathing bag partner by leaders in the global anesthesia machine and breathing circuit markets.

Product standard compliance

  • ISO 5362 (anaesthetic reservoir bags)
  • ISO 5356-1 (conical connectors)

Biocompatibility and raw materials

Nolato's breathing bags are made from a latex-free polychloroprene rubber compound, tested for biocompatibility in accordance with ISO 10993.

Manufactured to GMP standards

Each individual breathing bag is quality-inspected by Nolato and manufactured according to customer or specific requirements with processes and systems in compliance to GMP, ISO 13485, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.


Samples are offered in standard packages with quick turnaround.
Nolato MediTor Breating bag collection


Our offering

The complete latex-free breathing bag range includes sizes 0.5 ltr, 1.0 ltr, 2-0 ltr and 3.0 ltr with different types of connectors. Our breathing bags comply with ISO regulations and are available as either disposable or reusable.
Nolato breathing bags product range
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Companies offering breathing bags


Nolato MediTor

Located in Torekov in southern Sweden, Nolato MediTor offers full-service solutions for the medical device and pharma markets.

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Dip molding

Nolato's extensive experience in dip molding with advanced process control ensures consistent output of high-quality products.


Catheter balloons

Nolato's catheter balloons have superior material properties in terms of purity, symmetry and resilience, which is crucial for specific medical device applications.


Creating world-class operations

Medical Excellence is our way of creating world class operations inspired by the Nolato spirit, our strategies, quality standards and our lean processes and tools. Together, these elements create a framework for managing resources efficiently and increasing value for our customers.