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Mattias Bengtsson

Mattias Bengtsson

Technical Design Center - Asia


Decoration technologies

Nolato offers a wide range of technologies to achieve the look you want for your product.

By combining different technologies, you can create almost endless decoration possibilities.


Nolato offers many types of painting finishes, including high gloss, soft touch, gradient, tactile and antibacterial. We have fully automated paint lines with up to four separate paint layers, each applied in ISO 14644-1 Class 7 cleanroom environments. We use waterborne paint systems, as well as UV and PU-based systems.

Nolato ImageTech™

By using a combination of printing methods, you can create patterns, visual effects and even photos and images to enhance the uniqueness and usability of your products. This includes 360° decoration technology that wraps around the product.

Metallization (NCVM)

We create a one-atom-thick metal surface so thin that the layer isn't conductive. This offers new cosmetic and functional opportunities.

Nolato ClearTech™

Nolato's proprietary coating technology offers a superior wear-resistant hard coat with excellent optical performance and an absolute minimum of paint build-up.

In-mold decoration (IMD) & In-mold label (IML)

Cosmetic decoration and increased scratch resistance of plastic part surfaces using pre-printed foils loaded into the injection molding process.

Nolato LogoTech™

We offer a variety of new and eye-catching logo solutions, creating highly decorative, eco-friendly and cost-effective logo solutions.

Laser marking

We can provide an indelible, high-contrast mark below the top coat that guarantees it will never wear off.

Nolato SurfaceTech™

We create very high-resolution surface 3D textures and patterns for an enhanced look and feel for plastic parts.


We offer tampo printing, screen printing, heat transfer and dye sublimation.
Decoration technology


Experience of advanced technologies

Nolato has 20 years' experience of developing, refining and using advanced decoration technologies for manufacturing products with substantial cosmetic content, such as mobile phones and other consumer electronics.
Decoration technology


In-house production

All processes are carried out in-house, providing our customers with good project control, optimal quality and short lead times.

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Cleanroom production

We manufacture high-precision products and system assemblies with stringent cleanliness requirements. Production takes place worldwide for the medical, diagnostics and laboratory sectors, as well as some industrial processes.


Ceramic injection molding

Nolato is one of few global players who specializes in fine ceramic molding of small functional/mechanical/cosmetic products.


Dip molding

Nolato's extensive experience in dip molding with advanced process control ensures consistent output of high-quality products.