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Careers at Nolato

We have a long tradition of responsible business practice and involve our employees through a safe, gender-equal and stimulating work environment.

Nolato is a Swedish publicly listed group with operations in Europe, Asia and North America. Nolato’s three business areas develop and manufacture products in polymer materials such as plastic, silicone and TPE for leading, often global, companies.










Nolato aims to be the customer’s first choice of innovative partner in sustainable design and production

Being the customer’s first choice means being repeatedly chosen as a partner for a customer’s most important projects. Nolato should be viewed as a reliable partner that combines expertise and experience with an innovative approach, takes responsibility and actively contributes to sustainable development, and puts the customer’s specific needs front and center.
We deliver what we promise, products reach the market on time and customers can rely on us. We maintain a long-term approach and honest relationships with customers. We always go the extra mile and constantly ask ourselves how we can be even better.
Employee in production Nolato Lövepac
Employee in meeting Nolato MediTor
Employee in protection clothes at Nolato MediTech



Well organized




We are professional and endeavour to achieve long-term profitability

Nolato’s long-term profitability is important for our future. We therefore all need to adopt a professional approach and focus on profitability in all aspects of our work.

We focus on the needs and wishes of our customers

Since our customers are the foundation of our business, their needs and wishes must always come first. We aim to be involved in their projects from the start, so that we can actively contribute our expertise.

We combine expertise and experience with innovative approaches

Combining our experience and expertise in polymers with innovative approaches and continual improvements will bring us closer to our vision of being customers’ partner of choice.

We ensure our operations are well organized

All aspects of our operations should be well organized, right down to the smallest detail. Making constant improvements is a natural part of our day-to-day work.

Our operations are based on a shared foundation

Nolato’s operations are based on a shared foundation of commitment, expertise, technology and values. Active and well-organised cooperation between all our units enables Nolato to be greater than the sum of its parts.

We grasp opportunities and solve problems when they arise

We create the optimum potential for our business by combining target-based management with a clear division of responsibility and authority. This allows all employees to develop according to their own capabilities and goals and those of the company.

We take responsibility for all aspects of our business

We are accountable for all impacts that our business has, now and in the future.

We contribute actively to sustainable development

We work actively to ensure our operations have as little effect on the environment and human health as possible. We therefore engage in activities that contribute to sustainable development.

We operate with integrity and transparency

We apply good business ethics, avoid conflicts of interest and value transparency both within the company and externally.


Working at Nolato

We comply fully with the guidelines in Nolato’s Basic Principles and code of conduct. One of our Basic Principles is that efficient business operations must be combined with ethics, responsibility and environment awareness. Join Nolato today and be one of us at companies in Europe, Asia and North America.

Open positions

Working meeting Nolato Cerbo

Our Code of Conduct

Nolato’s code of conduct provides binding guidelines on how our business principles and values should be put into practice. It serves as our ethical compass and corporate policy to be followed by all employees within the Group, as well as by consultants and suppliers, irrespective of workplace and function.

Read more about our Code of Conduct

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Stories from our employees


Mihaela Enoksson - Machine operator

Listen to what Mihaela does in her day-to-day duties and what she thinks about working at Nolato Lövepac in Skånes Fagerhult.


Michael Einwachter - Assembly engineer

Listen to what Michael does in his day-to-day duties and what he thinks about working at Nolato MediTech in Hörby, Sweden.


Emelie Persson - Quality engineer

Listen to what Emelie does in her daily job and what she thinks about working at Nolato MediTor in Torekov, Sweden.