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Pharma packaging

We develop, manufacture and distribute high-quality pharmaceutical primary plastic packaging. Our aim is to help ensure that vital pharmaceuticals and life-enhancing vitamin and mineral supplements (VMSs) are packaged in a safe but user-friendly manner.

Our unrivaled offering includes a wide range of standard products from our leading Cerbo and Jaycare brands, as well as packaging produced to meet specific customer requirements. Nolato is at the forefront of future technologies and develops services and capabilities of significant benefit to our customers.

Long-term partner

We value our partnerships with our customers, working closely to develop the perfect packaging for the world's most important products.

Compliance and documentation

We are fully aware of the extensive requirements of our customers, which is why we focus on providing a high level of compliance and documentation with our products.

Core areas

We offer a comprehensive range of caps and containers, as well as packaging produced to specific customer requirements. Our packaging is developed to meet the varied requirements of the industry in terms of product performance, shapes and sizes, and we help make the delivery of all medications safer and easier for patients.

Design and innovation

We can help improve on an existing packaging design, or develop a brand new, customized packaging solution for our clients' products.
Meeting at Nolato Cerbo

Product range

Our offering includes a wide range of standard products, as well as custom-made packaging. We provide detailed product specifications and documentation, and have full traceability throughout the manufacturing process, as well as Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) protocols in place. Our production is cleanroom compliant to ISO Class 7 and ISO Class 8.


Nolato Pharma packaging offers a full range of primary plastic packaging for both prescription and over-the-counter medicines, covering mainly solids and creams.
Pharmaceutical products


  • High-performance seal interface/low MVTR: container and closure fit
  • Child-resistant and easy-to-open closures
  • Type III drug master files available
  • Tamper-evident systems
  • Different desiccant sizes
  • In-line camera vision inspection systems
  • Closures with IHS, EPE liner and bore seal
  • Automated dimensional qualification and checking

Dropper and crimp bottles

Nolato Pharma packaging has many years of experience in producing crimp bottles and dropper bottles, including droppers and closures in numerous designs and sizes. We are happy to design and develop advanced products for individual needs and requirements. Our machine set-up gives us considerable flexibility and allows us to easily adapt to our customers' needs.
Ophthalmic products
  • EU (ISO 8317) and US (16 CFR 1700) certified
  • TE closure with option for CR (push-and-turn)
  • Nozzles/closures can be pre-assembled
  • TE ring retention feature
  • Crimp bottle with 20 mm standard neck
  • Integrated metal detection systems
  • Automated dimensional qualification and checking
  • Management of sterilization process qualification according to ISO 11137

Take a look inside our Pharma packaging guide

Choose from a wide range of packaging designed and developed by experts in child resistance and tamper-evident technologies. Our products meet the requirements of both prescription and over-the-counter medicines and cover many dosage forms: solids, ophthalmic and creams.

Explore our Pharma packaging guide

Pharma Packaging guide

Companies offering Pharma packaging


Nolato Cerbo

Located in Trollhättan in western Sweden, Nolato Cerbo develops and manufactures polymer products for the medical device industry, and customized and standard primary packaging solutions for the pharma industry.


Nolato Jaycare

Located in Newcastle in the UK, Nolato Jaycare develops and manufactures polymer-based medical devices and pharmaceutical primary packaging.


Find your distributor/agency

Our pharmaceutical packaging is distributed via our worldwide agencies. Long-term partnerships with our professional agencies guarantee sales and customer service continuity.

Find your local distributor/agency

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Brochures and datasheets

This section provides useful resources related to pharma packaging.


Pharmaceutical Packaging Solutions








Digital Pharma packaging


Ophthalmics packaging

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Pharma packaging meets IoT

Digital technology is entering the future pharmaceutical packaging with new smart packaging features offering opportunities and added value for patients, healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies.

Design and innovation

Every plastic packaging requirement has a solution. By combining the most advanced techniques, a well-established project structure, our partners and highly experienced staff, we are able to offer an unrivaled strength when it comes to designing and producing new packaging. Think of us as an extension of your development team.

Quality control and hygiene standards

Our policy is to always meet our customers′ requirements and expectations. The fact that our production takes place in a clean environment (hygiene and clean rooms up to class 7), and that we were among the first companies in Europe to be certified in accordance with ISO 15378 is proof of our commitment to always deliver the right quality.


Certified environmental management systems are an important element of Nolato's sustainability work, and all companies are certified, acquired companies get a grace period to become certified. Download our certificates here.

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