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Scott Ackerman sales Nolato Jabar

Scott Ackerman

Aerospace/MIL spec Products Worldwide


Compression molding

Nolato has over 50 years' of experience in compression-molding solid silicone rubber. We manufacture to ZZ-R-765, AA-59588 and applicable MIL AMS, and SAE standards.

Our sheets are available in 10 durometer Shore A to 85 in both standard and custom sizes. In addition, we are highly experienced in manufacturing custom-molded parts. The normal available color of our silicone rubber is red/orange. Gray, translucent, white, black, blue and brown are available upon request.

Quality control

Our quality control system is approved for Mil-I-45208. We manufacture to Mil, Federal, AMS, SAE or customer specifications. We maintain a meticulous program of quality control and inspection and are fully qualified to test and certify that our products meet critical specifications.

On facilities

Our manufacturing plant is equipped with facilities for tool design and manufacturing, product design and engineering, extrusion, molding and other production equipment, as well as raw materials and resources to test finished products.


Our raw-materials inventory allows us to put most jobs into production quickly. We have in-house capabilities to compound our own materials, design and produce our own dies and molds, and to produce the necessary components ourselves.

In-house capabilities

Not being dependent on outside sources allows us to maintain complete control of every job, ensuring quality products, shorter lead times, on-time delivery, and competitive prices for our customers.
Compression Molding Non Conductive - products


We have extensive experience in product development and assisting our customers with product design. We are well versed in tooling design and manufacturing, as well as the processes to produce designs.
Compression Molding parts


We can compound formulations to meet specific property characteristics. Our team has extensive application experience and can advise on alternative design suggestions, which often result in increased product reliability and significant cost savings.
Compression molding produciton

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Silicone sponge extrusion

Nolato manufactures closed-cell silicone sponge extrusions for sealing and damping applications. Density can be selected to meet specific requirements for low-closure loads. We manufacture in accordance with AMS and MIL specifications.


Virtual prototyping

A virtual prototype is a digital version of a new component. Instead of creating it in the real world, it is created on a computer, ready for testing in the virtual world.


Cleanroom production

We manufacture high-precision products and system assemblies with stringent cleanliness requirements. Production takes place worldwide for the medical, diagnostics and laboratory sectors, as well as some industrial processes.