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Scott Ackerman sales Nolato Jabar

Scott Ackerman

Aerospace/MIL spec Products Worldwide


Non-conductive sealing and damping

Nolato's non-conductive sealing and damping silicone products are used in both commercial and non-commercial applications, where temperature range and resistance to solvents and fuels are critical.

Nolato's non-conductive solid silicone and sponge silicone products are available in a wide variety of specifications and standards for both commercial and non-commercial end-use applications.

Sealing and damping solutions

We manufacture a broad range of solid and sponge non-conductive silicone compounds and products to accommodate a wide variety of cross-market sealing and damping solutions.

Quality and reliability

Standard products include gaskets, O-rings, sheets and extrusions. Their high- and low-temperature advantages and resistance to fuel and solvents make them ideal for applications where other elastomers would fail to perform in adverse conditions.

FDA and NSF grade silicone

This non-toxic silicone meets FDA requirements for use in food, laboratory and medical applications. These FDA and NSF compounds are available in various configurations in translucent or FDA-approved pigments.

Material integrity

Our solid and sponge silicone compounds and their products are manufactured in the US to MIL, AMS, ASTM as well as other federal and commercial specifications.

Custom-molded parts and extrusions

Custom-molded parts in solid or sponge silicone, as well as fluorosilicone, manufactured to customer specifications. Molds are fabricated on site for faster turnaround and precise production control.

Product applications

Typical product applications include sealing and damping solutions for aircraft and ship equipment, HVAC, environmental and closure sealing, food processing machinery and commercial and laboratory oven seals.
Non conductive sealing and damping products from Nolato Jabar

Technology, production, product development

Formulation, manufacturing, and engineering assistance

We offer superior formulation, manufacturing, engineering assistance, elastomer product development, state-of-the-art inspection systems and an elastomer testing facility for our global market.
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