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Creating world-class operations

Medical Excellence is our way of creating world class operations inspired by the Nolato spirit, our strategies, quality standards and our lean processes and tools. Together, these elements create a framework for managing resources efficiently and increasing value for our customers.

Medical Excellence serves as a guide for all our employees. Through continuous improvement, teamwork, dedication, and a can-do attitude, we create world-class operations.

Our objective is to supply quality products and services on time and with minimal waste. By surpassing customer expectations, we can ensure continued excellence and a long-term competitive edge for Nolato and our customers. 
Medical Excellence is based on Nolato's vision 

"Nolato aims to be the customer's first choice of innovative partner in sustainable design and production."

Medical Excellence logo

We seek our new and better solutions - lean culture

The commitment and engagement of all our colleagues improve Nolato’s prerequisites for long-term success. Together, we seek out new ways of making our daily work more efficient, easy to perform, and generally more satisfying.

Our employees drive excellence through action

Our employees skills, capabilities, and adaptability are valuable resources in our efforts to continually improve. We solve problems through active presence by going to “Gemba”– the place where value is created through workplace action.

We get better every day

Our improvement teams are at the heart of our continuous improvement work. Their forward-thinking approach and spirit of cooperation – evident both within and between our improvement teams - ensure we get better every day.

We support quality every step of the way

Medical Excellence promises that our production facilities and suppliers deliver the highest quality. We have a risk-based approach to the control of the processes throughout our business.

We believe timing is everything

Our Just-in-Time strategy is to have the right thing in its rightful place at the right time. Our goal is to regulate production by limiting unnecessary inventory, including materials and finished products, so that nothing is made ahead of demand.

We respect and protect the environment

When designing processes, we observe an environmentally sound approach by limiting CO2-footprint and minimizing waste, including energy, water and non renewable resources.

We take health, safety and wellness seriously

We work proactively with all questions relating to the working climate, and all our production units are to be certified according to the international occupational health and safety
management system.

We want to exceed our customers’ expectations

Our goal is to steadily increase value for our customers. We do this by building on our extensive experience and robust, diverse technical knowledge to offer comprehensive, cost-effective solutions that are tailored to our customers’ needs.
Employee in clean room production
Employee in clean room production
Employee in clean room production
Employee in clean room production

Quality policy

Medical Solutions quality policy


At Medical Solutions

we shall always meet our customers’ high requirements, needs and expectations with sensitivity and a customer focus, thus delivering services and products of the right quality, every time. 

We shall achieve this

through our employees’ professionalism and commitment, ongoing quality training, carefully designed quality systems and continuous, proactive improvement.

All operations shall be

quality certified in accordance with applicable standards and compliant with applicable laws and regulations. We also require that our suppliers have effective quality systems.

Our customer satisfaction

and quality performance shall be evaluated on an ongoing basis and by surveys, taking measurements, recording deviations and carrying out audits.


Medical Excellence


Medical Solutions quality policy