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Director of Global Sales - Automotive

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Compatherm®: Thermal Gap Filler

Discover advanced heat management with our dispensable thermal filler, tailored for easy integration in complex electronics and high-volume production.  

Our Thermal gap filler enhances thermal conductivity and heat dissipation, ensuring device reliability and performance, making it ideal for a variety of applications.

Compatherm® Filler

Advanced Thermal Conductive Gap Filler for Heat Management

Our thermal gap filler is made using high-quality materials and developed to meet a growing need for reliable, cost-effective thermal solutions in high-tech industrial applications. Compatherm thermal filler is a liquid-dispensed thermal filler that can seamlessly conform to any arbitrary geometry and provide negligible component strain while being highly adaptable to high-volume production.

Compatherm Filler logo

Compatherm filler

Advantages of Compatherm® Thermal Gap Filler

Optimal heat management

Combines thermal conductivity and low thermal resistance to ensure efficient heat dissipation, maintaining ideal operating temperatures for electronic components.

Adaptable application of thermal fillers

Features high conformability and minimal component stress, easily filling gaps of any shape at low pressure to facilitate perfect thermal contact without damaging sensitive parts.

Precision and efficiency

Offers precision tolerance compensation and supports seamless integration with automated dispensing systems, ensuring consistent thermal performance and efficient, large-scale application.

Cost-effective for high volume

Provides an economical solution for high-volume applications, allowing for the cost-effective deployment of thermal gap fillers without compromising quality.

Customized thermal solutions

Delivers customizable solutions, tailored to meet unique thermal management challenges across a variety of applications, ensuring optimal fit and performance.
Compatherm Filler product
compatherm® FILLER material matrix & datasheet
Test standard Unit 9263  9290
Base matrix Silicone 1-part  Silicone 1-part
Thermally conductive filler Ceramic  Ceramic
Color Visual Pink  Purple/Green
Cure time @25°C h n/a n/a 
Thermal Conductivity ISO 22007-2 mod W/(m-K) 6 9
Flowrate 3.2mm nozzle @ 90 PSI g/min 39 26
Density ASTM D792 g/cm3 3.3 3.16
Outgassing, TML ASTM E595 Modified % 0.1 0.08 
Dielectric Breakdown Voltage ASTM D149 VAC/mm 6 000 6 000


Test standard Unit 9343  9344  9360
Base matrix Silicone 2-part Silicone 2-part Silicone 2-part
Thermally conductive filler Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic
Color part A Visual White White White
Color, part B Visual   Pink Geen/Pink Green
Pot life @25°C h 4 2.5 3
Cure time @25°C h 24 20 16
Thermal Conductivity ISO 22007-2 mod W/(m-K) 4 4 6
Viscosity (mixed) Brookfield 20rpm Pa-s 350 300 1700*
Flow Rate 2mm nozzle @ 50 PSI  g/min 28 36 30
Hardness ASTM D2240 Shore 00 70 40  70 
Density ASTM D792 g/cm3 3.1 3.1 3.1
Volume Resistivity ASTM D257 Ω·cm 9.4·10^12  2.2·10^14 3.09·10^14
Dielectric Breakdown Voltage ASTM D149 VAC/mm 5 000 8 000  10 000
Dielectric  Constand @ 1MHZ ASTM D150   1.15 8.31 8.677
Outgassing, TML ASTM E595 Modified % 0.1 0.1  0.14
Flammability UL94 (file: E483565) % V-0    
*Brookfield 2rpm

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