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Careers in China

We have a long tradition of responsible business practice and support our employees in a safe, gender-equal and stimulating work environment.

The Nolato Group provides product solutions for the communications, medical and industrial sectors in mainland China and the Asia-Pacific region. Our products include not only polymer materials but also metals and other composite materials. We have a number of patents in precision molding, exterior decoration, electrostatic shielding and conversion processes.






Cities present in




A highly committed and close-knit team with supportive leadership

It’s an organization where you can quickly get involved and feel the positivity from others, which boosts motivation.

We aim to provide opportunities for everyone to develop professionally and have always regarded the growth of employees as key to the growth of the company.

If you ever have a problem you can always turn to your colleagues and managers for support and help.
Nolato Beijing -  employees in production
Nolato Beijing - employees in production
Nolato GW Dongguan - employee in production


Our establishment in China

Nolato Mobile Communication Polymers (Beijing) Co., Ltd was founded in 2000 and was the first subsidiary established by Nolato in China. The company has become one of the main suppliers to world-leading mobile phone manufacturers. As a result of its success, the Nolato Group has since then established a number of subsidiary companies in China.
  • November 2006, Lövepac Converting (Beijing)
  • July 2007, Lövepac Converting (Beijing), Shenzhen Branch
  • May 2014, Nolato Beijing Medical (Beijing)
  • January 2018, Nolato Silikonteknik (Beijing)
  • January 2018, Nolato Suzhou (Suzhou)
  • February 2018, Lövepac Technology (Shenzhen) 
  • December 2020, Nolato GW Dongguan (Dongguan)
  • February 2021,Nolato Technology(Dongguan) 
Nolato Beijing office



We believe in diversity in the workplace and the benefits this can provide for the company.

Compensation & benefits

Good salary, welfare benefits and competitive incentives.

Health care

High-quality medical examination service, reasonably priced and extensive supplementary medical insurance.

Work-life balance

A generous holiday package gives you plenty of time to spend with your family.


Systematic training helps you develop your professional skills.

Good working environment

Including a central location, environmentally sustainable and safe workplaces and convenient shuttle bus routes.

Professional development

There are a wealth of opportunities for continued development, cross-disciplinary cooperation and the exchange of technologies.
Nolato China - education staff

Our companies in China

Lövepack Technology in Shenzhen China

Shenzhen, China

Lövepac Technology

1st. Floor, No. 3 building, No.1 Lirong Rd.
Changyi Industrial Area, Xinshi Community, Dalang St. Longhua District
Shenzhen 518109, China

Phone: +86 755 8610 6065

Nolato Beijing Medical exterior

Beijing, China

Nolato Beijing Medical

402 Longsheng Industrial Park
7 Rong Chang Road East, Beijing Development Area
Beijing 100176, China

Phone: +86 10 6787 2200

Nolato Beijing exterior

Beijing, China

Nolato Silikonteknik, EMC Production Center

207# 2 floor,Building208
7# East Rongchang Road,Beijing Development Area

Phone: +86 10 6787 2200
Nolato Suzhou exterior

Suzhou, China

Nolato Electronic Technology

Building E Pingqian Industrial Park
No. 46 Chunxing Road, Xiangcheng District
Suzhou 215100, China

Phone: +86 512 6939 0380


Below you find the contact information to our HR-departments at each Nolato company in China.
HR Sweden picto
Lövepac Converting

Human Resources

HR Sweden picto
Lövepac Technology

Human Resources

HR Sweden picto
Nolato Beijing

Human Resources

HR Sweden picto
Nolato Beijing Medical

Human Resources

HR Sweden picto
Nolato Silikonteknik, EMC Production Center

Human Resources

HR Sweden picto
Nolato Suzhou

Human Resources

HR Sweden picto
Nolato GW Dongguan

Human Resources

HR Sweden picto
Nolato Technology (Dongguan)

Human Resources


We value every resume and respect the efforts of all candidates

Welcome to apply to our open positions. We are looking forward you joining our team.


Open positions








Where to find open positions with us

You can find open positions at Nolato in China on:


How to apply for open positions with us on Zhaopin and 51job

Please see the information for each open position.

Other ways to apply

You can also apply by emailing us your resume. Please state your full name and the position you are applying for in the subject line. The email address of each Nolato company's HR manager can be found above on this page.

We will contact you by phone for the first interview. If you are successful, we will arrange for you to attend an on-site interview.

We will continue to follow up your application until we provide you with final feedback.

Employee activities

Nolato (Beijing) Carbon Neutrality Activities

From May 1,2021, we have conducted three carbon neutrality activities: Plant Trees Activity - Tree Adoption Activity - Ant Forest Plant Trees Activity.

Through these three activities we expect that the carbon emission at Nolato (Beijing) will be fixed to about 12,300Kg every year. The activities has improved our employees’ awareness of the importance to reduce carbon emission, enriched our company's reducing carbon culture and effectively stimulated the enthusiasm of our employees to participate in the company's carbon neutrality actions. These actions also helps us in future environmental discussions with our customers and government and it improves and enhances our company image and competitiveness.



Technical skills competition

Many of Nolato’s employees are very talented and have developed their own set of unique skills. To encourage them further and to give them the opportunity to demonstrate their know-how, Nolato Beijing organized a technical skills competition in June 2020.

275 of our technicians took part in the contest, which featured 14 events and lasted for more than a month. They competed on skills such as radium carving technology, precision forklift operation, crane operation over obstacles and quick and accurate OGP programming.

We have been working continually since 2016 to optimize a systematic training and development plan for our technicians. The introduction of this competition allows our employees to showcase their PK skills and take an interest in technical research, which they can then use in their day-to-day work. We believe all our employees can continue to improve in their work and we look forward to a new competition next year!
Employee in Technical Skill Competition

How do new employees adapt to the work environment when starting at Nolato?

Each new employee is assigned a mentor who guides them and helps them become familiar with the working environment. We also arrange induction training for all our new employees so they receive comprehensive and detailed information about the company.

Does the company pay workers’ salaries monthly?

Yes, we pay salaries on a monthly basis.

How can I get more information about your company?

Don't hesitate to email us. You can find the contact information for each Nolato company above on this page.

What other channels can I use to get information about open positions with Nolato?

You can find out about our open positions through the recruitment service websites