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Rachel Ko sales Lövepac Converting

Rachel Ko

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Die-cutting technologies

Nolato has extensive experience in various cutting techniques.

We offer world-leading quality and capacity in traditional and advanced die-cut manufacturing, in both standard and cleanroom environments.


In a custom gasket manufacturing technique, die-cutting combines proven technologies with efficient approaches to gasket fabrication.

Specific techniques

Specific die-cutting techniques vary, but most methods involve two core components; a metal tool called the die, and the die-cutting machine itself.

Converted products

Converted products are often supplied on rolls or sheet forms. Tape is the most common material, while thin metal foils, textiles, thin foam materials and various plastics films are also used.


Two or more materials can provide properties that a single material cannot offer. Tape is often one of the materials laminated with plastics, textiles and foam materials or metals.


A laser technique enables quick tool-free prototyping and mass production.


We provide assembly of various die-cut products with other mechanical components as module delivery.
Die Cut Technology


Level of precision

Our technique offers an impressive level of precision at high speeds, which means low production costs for large volumes.
Die Cut Technology


Custom gaskets

Die-cutting can create a range of custom gasket sizes with tight tolerances. Part volumes can range from low-volume prototypes to high-volume production runs.
Die Cut Technology

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Cleanroom production

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Silicone sponge extrusion

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