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Injection blow molding

Nolato's extensive experience in injection blow molding (IBM) provides a range of design opportunities for your containers.

As one of the leading European specialists in injection blow molding, we offer a comprehensive range of services and a highly efficient production process.

Container sizes and wall thickness

We offer container sizes from 4 ml to 1,000 ml with thin walls from ~0.5 mm to thick walls of ~2 mm.

Production and tools

Our production offers high output, with tools comprising 1–24 cavities.

Different finishes

We offer a near-invisible parting line and a great variety of different finishes.

High quality

We ensure a high level of service and reliability at every stage.

Monitoring production

Nolato can offer integrated vision control, leak testing and metal detection on injection blow molding lines.

Hygiene environment

All injection blow molding machines are located in production areas that meet Class 7 and/or 8 EN ISO 14644-1 ISO standards.
Injection Blow Molding production


Constant improvements

Nolato offers robust production techniques that meet our customers' unique requirements for efficient manufacturing of plastic containers. Our on-going investment in new technology means we are constantly improving both our services and our manufacturing processes.
Injection Blow Molding production


Reliability at every stage

In-house management of the entire process — design, development, manufacture and logistics — and a continual focus on lean manufacturing allow us to maintain control of every aspect of production, ensuring quality of service and reliability at every stage.
Injection Blow Molding production

Companies offering this service


Nolato Cerbo

Located in Trollhättan in western Sweden, Nolato Cerbo develops and manufactures polymer products for the medical device industry, and customized and standard primary packaging solutions for the pharma industry.


Nolato Jaycare

Located in Newcastle in the UK, Nolato Jaycare develops and manufactures polymer-based medical devices and pharmaceutical primary packaging.

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