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Ceramic injection molding

We produce the finest ceramics through precision injection molding.

Our service includes the development of alumina and zirconia ceramic compound for injection molding and product line customization, suitable for large-scale production. Nolato is one of few global companies specializing in fine ceramic molding of small functional, mechanical and cosmetic products.

Ceramic material: zirconia and alumina

Nolato's ceramic expertise focuses on two premium ceramic materials: zirconia and alumina.


Nolato cooperates with world-leading ceramic raw-material suppliers, as well as two world-class ceramic research institutes in Europe and Asia.


We use our application experience, design philosophy and quality standards to maximize the advantages of industrial ceramic materials.

Process features

We work with customers in the early phase of projects, calculate technical and process parameters for high-volume production, and quantify and eliminate quality-related risks.

Product tolerance

Our technology allows us to mold and sinter highly complex ceramic mechanics at a tolerance of +/- 0.05 mm.


We execute full prototyping process flow to visualize and design all future industrialization scenarios.
Ceramic Injection molding


We can meet your requirements

Our technological leadership provides you with products offering functional features and combinations of mechanical properties to fulfill almost any requirements. Find out more in our video.


Ceramic molding compound

Together with its partners, Nolato has developed a special stable ceramic molding compound that makes production feasible and allows ceramics to be molded in high-volume manufacturing.
Ceramic Injection Molding
Want to know more?

Read more about our ceramic solutions and services

RÖtt KRÖN earphones

Reality meets fantasy

RÖtt KRÖN is a new brand of wearables – consumer electronics that are not only high quality but also high fashion.

This product is a showcase for the possibilities that Nolato offers customers. From ceramics to plastic, from mechanical to cosmetic options, and from molds to integrated electronics. We want to inspire our current and future consumer electronics customers to think a little outside the box. And to use the capabilities that exist to stand out from the crowd.

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Decoration technologies

Nolato offers a wide range of technologies to achieve the look you want for your product.


Die-cutting technologies

We offer world leading quality and capacity of traditional and advanced die cut manufacturing in both standard and cleanroom environment.


Compression molding

Nolato has over 50 years' of experience in compression-molding solid silicone rubber. We manufacture to ZZ-R-765, AA-59588 and applicable MIL AMS, and SAE standards.