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Careers in Sweden

We are a responsible employer that supports its employees and provides expert services for our customers. Nolato has strong core values, in which both professional development and personal wellbeing are key drivers for a successful company.

Our story began in Sweden in 1938 when the company was founded as Nordiska Latexfabriken i Torekov AB. Today, more than 80 years later, the company is called Nolato and has operations in Europe, Asia and North America. Nolato remains headquartered in Sweden.






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A friendly and down-to earth workplace with global opportunities

Our success is based on our expertise and skills, as well as our values.
Our values help create a positive workplace that provides opportunities for professional development. Together with our code of conduct, these guide us in our day-to-day work and provide customers and the market with reassurance, while also encouraging a collective approach among employees.
Nolato MediTor employee in productions
Nolato Lövepac employees in production
Nolato Cerbo employee in production


Meet Emelie, one of our quality engineers in Sweden

Listen to what Emelie does in her day-to-day duties and what she thinks about working at Nolato MediTor in Torekov.

See all our employee stories


We want our employees to be happy in the tasks they do and have a healthy lifestyle at work and beyond. The benefits we provide help our employees succeed and encourage them to look forward to each working day. Benefits may vary depending on the specific company and position held.


We believe in the importance of employees’ health and support them with a wellness grant, along with other contributions to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Skills development

Nolato provides employees with skills development to ensure the growth of both colleagues and the company.

Own a stake in the company

Nolato employees have the opportunity to own a stake in the company as you can buy shares in the company and benefit from its success.

Flexible work

Employees are able to adapt both their hours and their workplace to achieve a good work-life balance.

Secure employment conditions

Employment at Nolato is covered by a collective agreement between industry organization IKEM and trade unions.

Company Events

Nolato wants its employees to have fun together when they’re not working too, and organizes a range of enjoyable corporate events.
Nolato Lövepac - employees in office

Our companies in Sweden

We have several companies situated in Sweden. Please see our locations below.
Be-Må Molds exterior

Värnamo, Sweden

Be-Må Molds

Västbovägen 52
331 53  Värnamo, Sweden

Phone: +46 370 30 17 25
Nolato Gota exterior photo

Götene, Sweden

Nolato Gota

Box 29, Alsborgsgatan 2
533 21 Götene, Sweden

Phone: + 46 511 34 21 00
Nolato Plastteknik exterior

Hisings Backa, Sweden

Nolato Plastteknik

Box 4123, Exportgatan 59
422 04 Hisings Backa, Sweden

Phone: +46 31 58 84 00
Nolato Polymer in Torekov

Torekov, Sweden

Nolato Polymer

Nolatovägen 32, gate 1
269 78 Torekov, Sweden

Phone: +46 431 44 22 00
Nolato Polymer in Ängelholm

Ängelholm, Sweden

Nolato Polymer

Framtidsgatan 6
262 73 Ängelholm, Sweden

Phone: +46 431 44 22 00
Nolato Silikonteknik exterior

Hallsberg, Sweden

Nolato Silikonteknik, Headquarter & EMC Tech Center

Box 62, Bergsmansvägen 4
694 22 Hallsberg, Sweden

Phone: + 46 582 88 900


Below you find the contact information to our HR-departments at each Nolato company in Sweden. If you have any questions or want to send a speculative application please do so to the company of interest.
HR Sweden picto
Be-Må Molds

Human Resources

HR Sweden picto
Nolato Cerbo

Human Resources

HR Sweden picto
Nolato Gota

Human Resources

HR Sweden picto
Nolato Lövepac

Human Resources

HR Sweden picto
Nolato MediTech

Human Resources

HR Sweden picto
Nolato MediTor

Human Resources

HR Sweden picto
Nolato Plastteknik

Human Resources

HR Sweden picto
Nolato Polymer

Human Resources

HR Sweden picto
Nolato Silikonteknik

Human Resources

Ready to take the first step?

Your Nolato journey starts here


Kick-start your career with Nolato

As a student you are likely to be interested in meeting potential employers, and we are interested in meeting you. We frequently participate in events at universities and schools, telling students about Nolato and what we stand for. Keep an eye out for us and we hope to see you there!

You can follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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Students in laboratory


A good recruitment process is structured and systematic

Candidates are kept informed and engaged throughout the recruitment process. A well-written job advertisement attracts the right candidates and professional interview techniques identify the best-matched candidates. Relevant tests give an indication of whether a candidate will succeed in the relevant job.

Regular feedback to candidates throughout the recruitment process has several benefits for everyone involved, including keeping candidates engaged with our employer brand. Nurturing our candidate relationships is important to us as an employer.

We generally follow this procedure but it may vary slightly between our companies.
Hand shake
Frequently asked questions and their answers.

What does the recruitment process involve?

It’s difficult to give a general answer, as every recruitment process is slightly different. We use interviews, tests, in-depth interviews and references.

How long does recruitment take?

Normally between two and six weeks.

Where do I send a speculative application?

Please see the contact information above for all our Swedish companies .

What are the most common interview questions?

  • Why are you interested in the role?
  • What is it about your current job that you’re not satisfied with?
  • What strengths do you feel you can bring to the role of XX?
  • What do you think is required to succeed in this role?
  • Tell us about a work-related disagreement and how you handled it?

Do you need to speak Swedish to work at Nolato?

Most jobs require you to speak Swedish as much of our documentation and procedures are in Swedish.

Can I do my ex-job at Nolato?

Yes, if we have vacancies and you are a suitable candidate.

Do you accept interns?

Yes, if we have vacancies and you are a suitable candidate.

Where do I find information about your vacancies?

All vacancies are shown on our homepage, here. They are also advertised on LinkedIn and through the Swedish Public Employment Service.

What shifts do your production plants have?

Shifts vary, but our production plants mainly operate on five shifts.

What background do you need to work in Nolato’s production operations?

Preferably a technical education and/or experience of similar work. This applies to most of our companies, but we are also looking for people with experience within the pharmaceutical or medical technology sectors.