Nolato and the seven global goals

The UN Sustainable Development Goals provide a clear and useful framework for addressing global sustainability challenges.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals

The UN presented its Sustainable Development Goals in 2017, within the scope of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The 17 goals provide a clear and useful framework for addressing global challenges, and they have had a huge impact on society.

They are also a catalyst for innovation and business opportunities within the field of sustainability. Private and public organizations have an important role to play, and businesses are expected to contribute through responsible business conduct, providing transparent reporting of their own targets and outcomes and developing products and services that foster sustainable development. 

The UN Sustainable Development Goals help Nolato identify key areas within sustainable development, and we have highlighted several goals that are clearly relevant to the Group’s operations. With these goals as a starting point, we can see that we are able to both reduce our environmental impact and create business opportunities. 

We have therefore linked the Group’s targets to seven of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This allows us to contribute to a more sustainable society, while creating conditions for profitable growth for Nolato. 

Minimizing Nolato’s use of resources and carbon footprint is an important principle in achieving our targets. We accomplish this by working with innovation, efficiency improvements, investments in new technology, greater use of renewable energy and initiatives focusing on bio-based and recycled plastics. 

The UN Sustainable Development Goals also provide inspiration for measures within social responsibility, social engagement and business ethics. 

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