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Director of Global Sales - Automotive

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Compatherm® Paste

Thermal conductive paste.


Thermal conductive paste

Compatherm Paste comes under the thin-bond-line category of TIMs. It creates the thinnest possible film between the heat source and heat sink to provide minimal thermal resistance. Compatherm Paste allows a bond line thickness of as little as a few tenths of a micron.

Compatherm Paste logo

Compatherm Paste product

compatherm® paste benefits

  • Very high thermal performance due to ultra-thin bond line
  • Allows bond lines down to tenths of microns
  • Dispensable and silk/stencil screen printable
  • Stable composition with no dry-out
compatherm® paste material matrix & datasheets
Test standard Unit 9532 9543
Base matrix Silicone
Thermally conductive filler
Ceramic Ceramic, AI
Color Visual White  Grey
Thermal Conductivity ISO 22007-2 mod W/(m-K) 2.5  4.3
Viscosity Brookfield 10rpm cP
110 000  250 000
Density ASTM D792 g/cm^3
2.68  2.3
Dielectric Breakdown Voltage ASTM D149 VAC/mm
4000  400
Volatile Content ASTM E595 (mod.) %
0.3  0.3

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