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Be-Må Molds joins the Nolato group

Precision injection mold manufacturer joins Nolato.

June 2023

Nolato has acquired tooling firm Be-Må, which has been renamed Be-Må Molds in the Nolato Group. The company, based in Värnamo, Sweden, makes precision tooling for the injection molding of medical and other products. 

“Nolato has been working with Be-Må for almost 30 years,” says Johan Barkentin, Managing Director of Nolato MediTor. “They’re very good at manufacturing molds for injection molding of silicone rubber, for example, and have long been major suppliers to both Nolato MediTor and Nolato MediTech. “Having Be-Må in the Group will bring us on board at an even earlier stage than we are currently and allow us to help customers make test molds as well.”

Be-Må Molds was founded in 1966 and has today 9 employees. They design and manufacture precision molds for leading companies and customers who often have high demands on their products. They have a modern machine park that is constantly renewed and a dedicated team with long experience in manufacturing of molds. Read more about Be-Må Molds.

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