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Cleanroom in Nolato GW Querétaro

Cleanroom in Querétaro expands Nolato’s customer offering in Mexico.

Since fall 2020, Nolato has also had a unit dedicated to the development and manufacture of plastic products in Mexico. It is located in Querétaro, a two-hour car journey north of the capital Mexico City, and was part of the acquisition of GW Plastics.

The business in Querétaro started in 2006, since when the company has primarily worked with injection molding and assembly of products with tight tolerances for automotive sector customers, such as fuel systems, thermal systems and electronic units.

“As part of efforts to broaden our customer offering after joining the Nolato family we’ve now added a cleanroom to our production plant,” says Justino Barrientos, Director of Sales at Nolato Querétaro. “This allows us to also make products requiring a controlled environment.”

The new cleanroom in Querétaro has an area of 107 sqm and satisfies ISO 14644 class 8 for control of parameters such as the maximum permitted concentration of particles. The cleanroom also has tight tolerances in terms of temperature and humidity. 

Since it is mainly people who contribute to particle concentration, use of the room is subject to specific clothing requirements in the form of hair nets and lab coats.


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