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Collaborating with universities and students

We at Nolato are passionate about our work with sustainability. To make sure our sustainability work continues with the same passion in the foreseeable future, we need to be the future. By collaborating with established universities and talented students, we can create great value from several perspectives. Not only will Nolato invest in innovative employees that make us grow as a company, but we can also make sure to educate and support students to make them grow as well.

Hiring junior engineers

We have changed our recruitment strategy by thinking strategically and long term. Instead of hiring senior engineers, we focus on hiring junior engineers by collaborating with universities. At Nolato Technical Design Center (TDC) in Sweden, we work closely with Lund University Faculty of Engineering (LTH). We participate in innovative projects, hold lectures at the university, provide students with internships and give students the opportunity to write their thesis at Nolato. Recently we hired a former student at LTH that participated in a project at Nolato MediTech, developing software to support visualization of machine and production efficiency (OEE). At Nolato Cerbo, Sweden, we collaborate with Chalmers Technical University in projects for circular packaging solutions and “available packaging” - packaging designed to be easy to open for people with weak hand, such as the elderly or those with rheumatism.

Supporting primary schools

At Nolato Beijing we have taken it a step further, and since 2014 we are collaborating with a primary school with the program Building Hope Together. In areas with poverty, it is common that the young generation goes to work in cities to support their families, but leave their children behind. We are helping children in these areas by funding their schools and families with computers, stationeries, and daily necessities. We also organize inter-activities every year to encourage the children to study hard, and teachers to improve their knowledge and competence. 

We hope that these children will grow up with a larger understanding of social responsibilities, and we happily welcome them to join Nolato in the future.

By working together with universities and students Nolato can get the latest knowledge from the academic world while at the same time teach students everything we know from our experience of working with plastics. 

Primary school students in cooperation with the Nolato Beijing: program Building Hope Together

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