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Nolato - a leading global player

We meet our customer needs within injection molding of silicone - both liquid and hard silicone.

Nolato is one of the world’s leading suppliers of injection-molded silicone products. With four development and production units in Europe and North America in its Medical Solutions business area, Nolato has significant capabilities to meet customer needs within both liquid and hard silicone.

“The acquisition of Nolato GW in the fall of 2020 provided the Nolato Group with additional medtech expertise and capacity, not only in plastics but also in the injection molding of liquid and hard silicone,” explains Johan Iveberg, President of Medical Solutions. 

Injection molding silicone products

40 years’ experience

Prior to the acquisition, Nolato already had wide-ranging know-how and more than 40 years’ experience in injection-molding silicone. Further progress a few years ago was made with the transfer of skills to Nolato Contour in Wisconsin in the US.

Following the integration of Nolato GW’s extensive silicone business, Nolato is one of the leading global players in silicone injection molding. 

“There aren’t many manufacturers in the world that can really injection-mold complex silicone products without ‘flash’,” explains Mark Hammond, General Manager of Nolato GW Silicones, based in Royalton, Vermont. “Our customers know it takes a unique combination of expertise, technology and resources to always achieve good results.

“We now have the opportunity to support customers that need manufacturing in various geographic regions or that are expanding production to more locations to minimize risk. We can now handle these kinds of projects entirely within the Nolato Group.”

Nolato GW also has expertise and resources to produce the complex molds needed for the injection molding of liquid silicone. 

Four units that injection-mold silicone

The Medical Solutions business area now has four units specializing in the injection molding of liquid and hard silicone. Nolato MediTech and Nolato MediTor in Sweden and Nolato Contour and Nolato GW Silicones in the US. All four also provide injection molding of plastic in the same premises or nearby, allowing them to offer various combinations of silicone and plastic. 

“This is something that’s often requested for medical devices, with silicone frequently included as part of an assembled product,” explains Kristian Larsson, Head of Sales at Nolato MediTech. 

Small injection molding silicone productSilicone components can be injection-molded with walls as thin as 0.1 mm or as extremely small details weighing as little as 0.001 grams. Larger components can also be formed in complex shapes or together with different types of plastic.

Great addition

“Those of us who work with silicone in Sweden are really pleased about the addition in the US. We can make a clear distinction between the Group’s different units and learn from one another. There are also good opportunities to transfer know-how to other Nolato units, should one of our customers need production where we don’t currently have any.”

EMC solutions

As well as medtech, Nolato also manufactures silicone seals for electronics to achieve electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). These include silicone products used by customers in sectors such as telecom, consumer electronics, automotive and aviation.

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