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Packaging for mailboxes

Packaging with excellent vapor barrier designed for mailboxes.

Subscribing to omega-3 capsules is a convenient way of not having to think about buying more when you run out. So Nolato has developed packaging specially for mailing products to subscribers.

Nolato Pharma Packaging offers 200 ml mail packaging specifically designed to make deliveries to customers’ mailboxes easier. It’s a rectangular-shaped container with a snap lid. And to guarantee the packaging hasn’t been opened before the customer receives it, it has a security tab that breaks when the packaging is first opened.

“The packaging is produced in three sections and delivered to customers in two parts; the container with the assembled lid and the bottom part,” explains Anci Petersson, Sales & Marketing Director at Nolato Cerbo. “These two parts are joined using ultrasonic welding after the container has been filled with the contents. When the packaging is assembled and joined, it offers excellent performance as a barrier against water vapor. This avoids the risk of the omega-3 capsules, whose outside coating is sensitive to moisture, sticking together.”

The packaging is also suitable for other prescription-free products. It has a large, useful surface for labelling and really stands out on the shelves with the wide side of the container facing the customer.




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