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Plastics are a necessary part of society

Working with plastics is not generally associated with sustainability, more often it is associated with plastic pollution affecting our land and oceans since the chemical structure of most plastic makes it hard to decompose. As a company manufacturing plastic products, we have a great responsibility to make sure our products are manufactured, used, and recycled in a sustainable way.


Nolato's view on sustainability is a part of our long tradition of responsible business practice. Our core values are summarized in the Nolato Spirit. Our sustainability work starts, together with the customer, in the early stages of product development. In many cases a more sustainable option can be identified use of less raw material, increased use of recycled or bio-based raw materials, reduction of production scrap, energy-efficient production methods, are just a few examples where our knowledge can contribute to a more sustainable use of plastics.

The great values of plastic

We cannot forget that plastic also has great characteristics that create immense value for society. When handled right plastic is an amazing material that can be recycled again and again. Despite its bad reputation plastic can often be the better option for both humans and the environment. It is a lightweight material, yet strong and tough. It is corrosion-resistant, has a great insulation value, and offers protection. And it can be molded into any shape imaginable. In the medical industry and in the car industry plastic is crucial.

Nolato MediTor balloons

Plastic in medical care

Globally, more than 35 million diabetics are kept alive thanks to disposable plastic syringes. Nolato Medical Solutions has nineteen factories in ten countries. We manufacture insulin pumps and anesthesia breathing bags among other things. Polymer insulation in pacemakers, hearing aids, and heart defibrillators are also examples of medical equipment where polymers is very useful. We are very proud to be a part of producing products that help save lives.


Nolato product - xc90an

Plastic in the car industry

Car seat belts with plastic webbing reduce the risk of drivers and passengers being killed in car crashes. Plastic components in cars also reduce the CO2 emissions created from driving, since plastic components are lighter compared to alternative components made out of metal. We at Nolato are constantly working on improving our products and trying to make them even lighter.


Plastic can help us create a more sustainable planet and can help save lives and reduce CO2 emissions when it is used with care and with smart product development. Right now, Nolato is producing a medicine can for dietary supplements based on 90% bio-plastics together with one of our customers, read more here. We are also, together with the car industry, discussing and testing the use of recycled plastic and bio-plastics in hidden parts of the cars. We see a bright future and are very proud to have partners with the same futuristic view as us.


  • Sustainability
  • Automotive
  • Medical Devices
  • Pharma
  • Diagnostics

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