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Simulation is the key to optimization

We at Nolato are determined to do everything we can in order to mitigate the negative effects that our and our customers’ products have on the environment. One way in which we at Nolato can do this is through optimizing the products that we produce in order for them to be as sustainable as possible.

Creating optimal designs

Optimization largely comes down to creating optimal designs that allows us to produce products with low material thickness without losing robustness or functionality. A lower material thickness means that less material is being used as well as leads to a more cost and environmentally efficient production. Usually, companies add on material thickness as a way to reduce uncertainties in regards to the product’s design. As a company that both develops and produces products, we have the necessary know-how to produce products that push the limits of what is possible from a construction perspective, whilst still keeping them optimized for energy and cost-efficient production.

Hands holding plastic product

Combining simulation software

This optimization is largely done by the use of visualization and simulation software. Nolato has a long history of using injection molding simulation software for determining if a design is optimized for injection molding. 

According to Patrik Ingvarsson, Manager at Nolato Technical Design Center (TDC) EU, Nolato's development unit within Medical Solutions, simulation is the future and the key to making truly optimized products both from an environmental and economic perspective. Ingvarsson believes that the key to true deign optimization lies in the coupling of injection molding software with structure simulation software.

Experience makes it possible

Coupling of the injection molding simulation software with structure simulation software would enable the  engineers to test a product without ever having to produce a single prototype. This is done by taking the model created in the injection molding simulation and importing it into the structure simulation software for a further structural testing. By doing this you are able to test a design with all the potential variations and imperfections that come from producing a product by injection molding. As this is a complex task with high stakes it requires that the engineers have the deep understanding of production methodology that can only be acquired from years of experience in the plastic production industry. Combining these two software’s does not only mean that you can produce products with a more optimized construction within a shorter timeframe but also that there is no need to waste material or energy on countless prototypes.


  • Sustainability
  • Virtual prototyping
  • Design solutions

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