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Social sustainability

Social responsibility is something that we at Nolato take very seriously and it is a key part of our business model. We are working tirelessly to ensure our employees’ safety and wellbeing. A part of this is our work against discrimination of all sorts, be that racial or gender based. Although our employees’ safety and wellbeing are our top priority, we are not satisfied there, rather we want our employees to thrive. Therefore, we are striving towards providing education and developmental programs for our staff. The groundwork for Nolatos social sustainability work is in our Code of Conduct, and it helps us to put our principles into practice. Read more about our core principles and beliefs in our article about the Nolato spirit here.

Nolatos employees

Nolato is a decentralized organization meaning that each affiliate handles its personnel locally. The Employee Care Program has been introduced in Nolato Beijing with the aim of improving working conditions, as well as providing leisure activities and training.

Furthermore, we always want to be proactive and act fast when it is needed. In Nolato Contour, we have a company health clinic which employees can visit for health checks and preemptive healthcare. In the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Nolato Beijing made sure to have an inventory of 50,000 facial masks, as well as other material to combat the continued contagion of the virus. This made it possible for us to reopen the factory and get it back up and running as early as February 2020. 

As pointed out in the Employee Care program, Nolato also offers an internal training program in various fields including quality control, leadership, health, and security. Employee engagement is also a  present feature in this Nolato program, with the goal of creating a positive work environment. To help us to find out what we can improve, we make sure to involve our employees by performing internal self-assessments.

Employee Care program, Nolato

Social responsibility

We also work on improving living conditions outside of Nolatos factories in several different ways, like for example Nolatos Beijing’s project, Building hope together. The purpose of this initiative is to provide a local school in China with school material, such as laptops for students and their teachers. Nolato also cooperates with a large number of schools and universities, which allows students to visit the different Nolato affiliates around the world.

With our new Code of Conduct, we will continue to push ourselves. This way, we will constantly improve our sustainability work, making sure we tend to the needs of society and its people.

Nolatos Beijing’s project, Building hope


  • Sustainability

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