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Nolato Sustainable Procurement initiative

Together with our suppliers we can significantly reduce our carbon footprint and enhance our sustainability performance.

We at Nolato are steadfast in our commitment to sustainability, fully aware of its critical importance for a healthier planet and society. 

Under the guidance of our CEO, Christer Wahlquist, we are taking decisive steps towards our goal of net-zero emissions. This journey is grounded in the principles of the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi), ensuring our efforts are both scientifically substantiated and impactful.

Christer Wahlquist has communicated the urgency of addressing the environmental challenges that directly affect human health and overall well-being. Given the global public health threat posed by climate change, it is clear that our actions today will shape our collective future. 

Achieving a sustainable future is a path we walk together with our suppliers, and it is this spirit of collaboration that is echoed in the Nolato Supplier Code of Conduct. We are convinced that united in our efforts, we can significantly reduce our carbon footprint and enhance our sustainability performance.

During Nolato's Sustainable Procurement Seminary in Newcastle, United Kingdom 19 March 2024 Nolato suppliers were invited to take part of Nolato journey, towards signing up for SBTi presented by Kristian Sandberg; Nolato Sustainability Manager, as well as introduced to Nolato Sustainable Procurement initiative 2024 presented by Camilla Magnusson; Group Procurement Director, which includes a roll out of a program to assess suppliers performance based on defined criteria generating following nominations as part of promoting suppliers making meaningful progress. This initiative will help us understand our Suppliers work within responsible business conduct and sustainability practices and also for identifying areas for collaboration and improvement.


Sustainable Producrement initiative badges

These areas will help Nolato to gather insights about (i) our supplier´s compliance with the Nolato Supplier Code of Conduct, (ii) our supplier´s potential EcoVadis rating which will showcase a responsible business conduct, (iii) commitment to the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi), and (iv) the extent of renewable electricity sourcing, called “Green Energy” and then generate a rating and possibility to earn one or more nominations as, Responsible Supplier, Climate Committed Supplier and Green Energy Supplier, visible to all Nolato Group companies. 
The purpose of these nominations is to motivate and engage Nolato´s supply chain in reducing their climate impact, to encourage the suppliers to set science-based climate targets, and to ensure that the suppliers business conduct is in line with Nolato Supplier Code of Conduct.

Additionally, it will add the following benefits for the suppliers:

  • Enhanced Visibility: High-performing suppliers will gain increased visibility across Nolato Group companies, highlighting their commitment to responsible conduct of business and sustainability. 
  • Business Growth Opportunity: Suppliers demonstrating outstanding sustainability efforts will have the opportunity to grow their business with Nolato, as we prioritize partners who align with our commitment to SBTi-approved targets.
  • Collaborative Improvement across the value chain: Initiate workshops, and forums that will support our supplier’s sustainability journey, offering opportunities for continuous improvement and innovation. 


Kristain Sandberg at Nolatos procurement seminar 2024



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