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We are responsible for our environmental footprint

Now we are setting absolute targets according to SBTi.

Sustainable development has long been a top priority for Nolato. It’s a natural part of our corporate culture and something that is deeply rooted in the company. Now we are setting absolute targets according to SBTi.

One of our basic principles is that we take responsibility. We are the ones who are responsible for the effect our business has on the world around us; today, tomorrow and in the future. We need to use resources efficiently and keep any adverse impact on the environment and people to an absolute minimum.

This is a long-held belief, and we’re delighted that these days sustainability is an issue that the majority of our stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, equity analysts, employees, suppliers, job applicants and other key groups, believe plays a significant role when evaluating our company.

Addressing challenges

“Nolato’s sustainable development strategy is focused on addressing challenges in the near future, while equipping ourselves to respond to future expectations and requirements,” notes Glenn Svedberg, Director of Sustainable Affairs and a member of Nolato’s Group management. “Our work encompasses targets and activities within social responsibility, business ethics, financial responsibility and the environment.

“The threat of global warming remains the single most significant issue on the agenda. Overall, greenhouse gas emissions from the business sector are a key factor in global efforts to achieve the Paris Agreement’s aim of not exceeding the 2 degree target.

“To support efforts to cut global emissions, Nolato has signed up to the Science Based Targets initiative – SBTi. It’s a frame­work for companies that offers guidance in setting emissions targets that are consistent with scientific recommendations for achieving the Paris Agreement targets.” 

SBTi is a collaborative initiative between the UN Global Compact, World Resource Institute (WRI), World Wide Fund (WWF) and Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). Companies that pledge to establish emissions targets according to SBTi have to take stock of emissions generated throughout their entire value chain, and carefully analyze the financial effect, feasibility and effects of their targets.

Absolute targets

“Our work on establishing our targets according to SBTi is ongoing,” explains Glenn Svedberg. “These new emissions targets will relate to the 2020–2030 period and supplement the targets that are already in place up until 2025.” 

Unlike our existing targets, the new targets will be absolute and require a reduction in the amount of CO2 produced by Nolato’s operations. 

“In addition to the impact of Nolato’s own production and purchase of energy, which we have spent 10 years successfully working to reduce, we now need to factor in emissions from greenhouse gases in the rest of the value chain as well,” says Glenn. “We estimate that the latter primarily comprises CO2 and accounts for 80 percent of our total impact.”


Effective cooperation

“When it comes to the external portion of emissions, we are highly reliant on effective cooperation with both suppliers and customers to identify alternative raw materials to realize the transition from fossil to renewable raw materials. 

“We believe it’s going to take time for a substantial section of industry to make the transition,” notes Glenn. “So we plan to separate our new targets into ones we can achieve ourselves and ones that others need to work on. Meanwhile, we are an important link between suppliers of materials and customers’ products. 

“This gives us a key role in our customers’ transition to products with a smaller carbon footprint.” 

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