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Anna Wojciechowicz

Trainee - Nolato Stargard in Poland


Anna Wojciechowicz - Trainee at Nolato Stargard in Poland

I completed a student internship at Nolato Stargard Sp. z o. o. and it was a really positive experience. It helped develop a lot of new, practical skills, which added to the knowledge I gained in my university studies. I learned how this type of business operates and acquired valuable experience that may prove useful in my future career.
Nolato Stargard has a really friendly atmosphere. I could always count on the great support and help of the company's employees, who answered all my questions in a clear and understandable way. I can honestly recommend Nolato Stargard as a business to do internships at or as a workplace for people who value good relationships with colleagues and support at every stage.
Anna Wojciechowicz - trainee at Nolato Stargard in Poland