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Henrik Ohlson sales Nolato Lövepac

Henrik Ohlson


+46 708 80 23 18
Jesper Johansson sales Nolato Lövepac

Jesper Johansson


+46 732 32 67 13


Nolato Lövepac

Located in Skånes Fagerhult in southern Sweden, Nolato Lövepac offers extensive experience and know how in the development and manufacturing of stamped gaskets.

Many years of experience across a broad spectrum of projects and market sectors give Nolato Lövepac unique know-how in the properties and best uses of a range of materials, on their own or in combination with others. We offer flexible and efficient production equipment that can handle most jobs, from short to extended series.


  • Graphite gaskets
  • Metal gaskets
  • Other stamped components
  • Rubber gaskets
  • Rubber-coated metal gaskets
  • Rubber-edge gaskets
  • Fiber gaskets
  • Mica gaskets

Our site

Located in Skånes Fagerhult in southern Sweden, with a production are of 4,200 m2, Nolato Lövepac offers extensive experience and know-how in the development and manufacturing of stamped gaskets.
Nolato Lovepac exterior

Skånes Fagerhult, Sweden

Nolato Lövepac

Ringvägen 5
286 73 Skånes Fagerhult, Sweden

Phone: +46 433 32 300


If you would like to find out more about Nolato Lövepac's products and services please contact one of our team members or use the form at the bottom of this page.


Certified environmental management systems are an important element of Nolato's sustainability work and all companies are certified.


Meet Nolato

There are several opportunities every year to meet us at trade fairs and events around the world.


Join our team

The Nolato Group consists of three business areas that develop and manufacture products in polymer materials such as plastics, silicone and TPE. We offer stimulating roles and good development opportunities in an international work environment.

Explore Careers  Open positions

Career at Nolato


Social sustainability

We take social responsibility very seriously alongside with our passion for ecological sustainability. The groundwork for Nolato's sustainability work is in our Code of Conduct, that helps us to put our principles into practice. Read more about our employee programs and community projects here.


Simulation is the key to optimization

As a company that both develops and produces products, we have the necessary know-how to produce products that push the limits of what is possible from a construction perspective, whilst still keeping them optimized for energy and cost-efficient production. Read more about how our experience makes it possible for us to combine simulation software with advanced molding simulation here.


Design for disassembly

The most effective way of making a plastic product environmentally friendly is to make sure that the products is recycled. When it is not possible to design the entire product in the same material it needs to be easy to take apart.

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Flatbed punching

Nolato has extensive experience in a wide range of cutting techniques. These are often combined to offer an optimal solution.



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