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A holistic approach

We at Nolato are determined to do what we can to minimize our impact on the environment. Our fight against climate change is fought on multiple fronts, stretching through the entire product lifecycle. In the previous articles, we have written about each one of these fronts. The aim of this article is to give you an overview of all the environmentally friendly decisions you as a customer can make with Nolato as your business partner.

Ethical suppliers

The sustainable decisions start even before you as a customer get involved. When choosing Nolato as a partner, one needs to know that the raw materials and suppliers we use are in line with values regarding sustainability that we and hopefully you hold. To ensure this, we conduct physical audits and issue self-assessment statements to all our suppliers.

Which material to use

The sustainability work continues together with you, our customer, in the early stages of product development. First, we have the choice of which material to use, which depends to a large extent on the application, what the product is used for, and the regulations within your industry. We recommend our customers to use as much recycled material as possible and in cases where recycled materials are not applicable, for example in the pharmaceutical industry, we recommend using bio-based plastics instead.

Designed for the environment

There are other ways of making a product environmentally friendly besides using sustainable materials. For instance, we at Nolato have the necessary know-ledge to minimize material use without sacrificing a product’s robustness, resulting in a more sustainable product as well as a more sustainable and cost efficient production process. Also, it is highly important from a sustainability perspective that, from the very start, a product is designed to be recyclable once it reaches the end of its life cycle. We at Nolato can do this by using the same material in as many parts of a product as possible and making parts that are produced using different materials easy to separate and recycle individually.

The nature of how we operate

The sustainable decisions are made by you, perhaps involuntarily, as soon as you choose us as your business partner. Just by the nature of how we operate, you get a factory run on green energy and energy-efficient production that prioritizes the reduction and recycling of waste. To round out our environmental effort we focus on optimizing our shipping practices using sustainable and reusable packaging as well as by making sure that our shipments are always optimally packed with no wasted space.

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