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Informing our customers

We at Nolato are continuously working to improve our production by choosing materials with lower carbon footprint, such as bio-based plastics and recycled plastics. We are also optimizing our products, making them as light as possible in order to reduce the amount of fossil-based raw materials. We also design our products to be easy to recycle. In addition, we are always striving to improve our factories, where we use fossil-free energy and continuously cut our carbon dioxide emissions.

Our responsibilities

While putting high demands on our suppliers is important (read more about how we put pressure on the supply chain here) we also need to nudge our customers. It is our responsibility to make sure that we make it easy for customers to choose the most sustainable option when developing a new product. The development of a product is often a long and meticulous process. It is important that we always discuss the use of material, how the product is produced, health risks and environmental risks when developing it. If we do this, we can really make a change and reduce the negative effects that our products have on the environment.

Using virtual prototyping

Our sustainability work starts in the early stages of product development and our knowledge can lead the customer in the right direction. A problem with the products that we are already producing is that the customer is sometimes afraid to change the material since they do not want to change a working product. By using virtual prototyping, we can offer the customer a product without trial and error.

Using our experience

We use our experience in sustainability early on in the sales process with our customers. We show samples and arguments for choosing a more sustainable material even though it can sometimes be more expensive. We make sure to inform all our customers of the new materials we are using and always try to make them choose the better option. Maria Sandersson, a seller at Nolato Cerbo, sees a change in the customer attitude: 

”Now most customers ask about sustainable options before I have even started the presentation - it seems to come naturally now. That makes it easier for me to guide customers in the right direction.”

We can also see a change in the attitude regarding cost impact on products, where more and more people are willing to bay a bit extra per produced unit to create a more environmentally friendly product. This has to do with the end customer, who also are setting higher demands on companies and asking about the environmental impact on the products. Together, with the end-users who make demands on the products, we believe we can really make a change by continuously informing our customers about better options. To make a difference, we need to share our knowledge and experience and never stop repeating our message about choosing better options.

Synergies at Nolato

  1. Access to the entire Group’s expertise and resources + combination of close cooperation and an efficient decision-making structure with the local customer team.
  2. The local team of experts with a dedicated customer team that takes overall responsibility for projects and delivery in close cooperation with the customer.
  3. An end-to-end solution offering that generates increased customer value.

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A long-term partner

Our customer offering spans the entire value chain, from concept development to high-volume production and beyond. When you choose us as your partner, we create added value through cutting-edge technology, extensive expertise in development and design, advanced project management and highly efficient production. There is an emphasis on sustainable development at all stages of the process.


Creating sustainable solutions

We seek to create solutions that support sustainable development. Nolato’s expertise and technology can contribute to customers’ Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) efforts.

About us

Nolato develops and manufactures both customer-specific and standard products in polymer materials for a wide range of sectors.