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Putting pressure on the supply chain

Nolato wants to be a proactive organization in the search for a more environmentally sustainable future. We do  what we can to push our customers towards more environmentally friendly materials and production methods as well as working hard to reduce our own environmental impact. Whilst these actions are important in their own right, we are very aware that the environmental impact of our products does not simply depend on us and our actions. It is a fact that around 60-80% of the value and the environmental impact of our products are attributable to our suppliers’ operations. Either they support us with the services necessary to run our business smoothly or they provide us with the material we use producing our products.  

Evaluating our suppliers

With this in mind, Nolato is putting our suppliers up to as high of a standard as we put on ourselves. This is done through a step by step evaluation that hopefully concludes with the supplier ending up on our approved suppliers’ list. We start by evaluating the product or the service in order to determine if it is harmful in any way, whether that be for our workers, the end user, or the environment. Thereafter the potential supplier is subjected to a number of questions in a self assessment questionnaire. 

Verification chain

The questionnaire includes questions such as:

“Do you have a implemented environmental objectives and key performance indicators?” 

“Do you monitor the emission of carbon dioxide?”

The third and final step in the evaluation process is to physically visit and audit the company in order to see that they actually fulfill the requirements. Assuming that the supplier completes the evaluation process they get placed on our approved suppliers’ list. In order to ensure that the supplier maintains the high standard that they did during evaluation Nolato sends out continuous evaluation forms as well as perform physical audits at regular intervals.


  • Sustainability

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