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EMC shielding

Notification of change of syringe format

Notification of change of syringe format affecting conductive adhesive, caulk and FIP materials supplied in 10ml. 30ml and 55ml syringes

Until recently we have been supplying our dispensable silicone materials in syringes from Nordson EFD.

These syringes were branded as Ultra and are the industries’ standard format with several other companies producing/suppling very similar (pattern) parts.

EFD Nordson have recently redesigned these parts, now badged as Optimum, with the usual claims of improved performance. Unfortunately, the original Ultra parts are now obsolete. In order to maintain the existing format, we have tested the alternative parts that would still be available but none of these were found to be of suitable quality. This means that we have no choice other than to switch over to the new EFD Optimum format.

Generally, the basic size/format of the new Optimum syringe remains very similar to that of the Ultra type it replaces. The length of diameter of the syringes are the same and they still use the same luer-lock threaded twist feature for attaching dispense tips. Therefore, the new syringes should still fit onto dispense equipment that were running the original/current syringe types.

The main change is that the geometry of the piston head and nose of the syringes have been modified and are now elongated conical as shown in the attached photos.

Also, the lugs at the base of the syringe have been redesigned and now require a new adaptor head if being used with pneumatic dispense equipment.

This main alteration will affect any customers/end users dispensing pneumatically as they will now require new adaptors.


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