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UK-based EMC company acquired

Nolato PPT develops and manufactures windows, valves and gaskets that are used to shield electronics.

Nolato acquired UK-based P&P Technology in spring 2023. The company, based in ­Maldon, Essex, northeast of London, provides component- and materials-based ­electronics shielding solutions to ensure electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). 

P&P Technology, which is now called Nolato PPT within the Nolato Group, was founded in 2014 and has around 20 employees. It has annual sales of around SEK 25 million with good profitability, along with a diverse customer base in areas including the aviation and automotive sectors. 

Strong market growth

“We are seeing continued strong market growth in the EMC area and believe new business opportunities are being generated as developments in areas such as automotive electronic systems increasingly require both EMC shielding and heat dissipation,” notes Christer Wahlquist, Nolato President.

Adapted solutions

Nolato PPT is now part of the Integrated Solutions business area. The customer offering includes a wide range of shielding windows, valves and gaskets that can be adapted to customer needs. The company will cooperate closely with US-based Nolato Jabar, which operates in the same customer area.

“We’ve been in touch with them for some time,” says Berndt Johansson, Managing Director of Nolato Jabar who is managing the integration of Nolato PPT into the Nolato Group. 

Stronger presence

“Nolato PPT gives us access to additional production technologies, a broader customer base and a greater presence in the UK and the rest of Europe. “Nolato PPT is a small company but is a perfect fit with Nolato’s plans for continued growth in shielding solutions.” 


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