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EMC shielding

What are the main sources of EMC problems?

In all cases there has to be a source and a victim for a path to exist thereby permitting a radiated or conducted coupling. RF Interface (sometimes referred to as RFI), more correctly known as Electromagnetic interface (EMI), results from the operation of electrical or electronic devices involving rapidly changing voltage or current levels and which cause the generation of electromagnetic energy at discrete frequencies and over frequency bands.

Discounting natural sources such as atmospherics or lighting, conduction and radiation emitting sources include;

  • Radar and communications transmitters
  • Receiver local oscillators
  • Computer and their peripherals
  • Motors and switches
  • Power lines
  • Fluorescent lights
  • Arc welders
  • and many more…

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  • Engineered Solutions

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How can EMI be contained?

In simple terms, most ‘shielding’ problems could be solved by welding the equipment into seamless steel box. The problems that this would lead to are obvious, access would be impossible, power unavailable, visibility would be zero and the equipment would rapidly overheat.


Electronics industry faces significant thermal management challenges

Managing the heat radiated by increasingly complex electronics is a growing issue in the automotive industry, particularly in hybrid and electric vehicles. Nolato Silikonteknik offers effective solutions in this field.


How are seams and joint lines sealed?

Joints should be regarded as permanent or temporary (permitting occasional access). Permanents joints and seams should be welded, soldered, or conductively bonded with a special adhesive.