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Nolato Treff

Located in Degersheim in eastern Switzerland, Nolato Treff offers high precision injection molded products used in medical, food and industrial applications.

We develop, produce and distribute advanced injection-molded parts and assemblies for use in medical and industrial applications. Our services range from engineering and development, 1K/2K injection molding and follow-up, to worldwide logistics. To meet our customers’ requirements for high quality, our products are manufactured to GMP medical, food and industrial standards.


  • Deep-well plates
  • Forensic test tubes
  • Infusions/drug transfer systems
  • Micro tubes
  • PCR plates
  • Pipette tips


  • Glass fiber-reinforced products
  • High-precision components
  • Products for food contact (e.g. brew units for coffee machines)
  • Technical components

Our site

With a total area of 16,500 m2, our site manufactures high-precision injection-molded products used in medical and industrial applications.

Sales contact

If you would like to find out more about Nolato Treff's product portfolio please contact our Sales & Engineering Director below or use the contact form at the bottom of this page.
Christof Schlegel sales Nolato Treff
Christof Schlegel

Sales & Engineering Director


If you would like to know more about Nolato Treff, please contact one of our team members or use the contact form at the bottom of this page.


Guido Vollrath Managing Director Nolato Treff
Guido Vollrath

Managing Director

Monica Buhler HR Nolato Treff
Monika Bühler

Human Resources


Certified environmental management systems are an important element of Nolato's sustainability work, and all companies are certified, acquired companies get a grace period to become certified. Download our certificates here.


Meet Nolato

There are several opportunities every year to meet us at trade fairs and events around the world.

Company video tour

Press play for a quick tour of Nolato Treff AG.


We aim to be your first choice of partner

We provide a wide range of services for our Medtech customers, from engineering support and production to assembly. With our customers' quality requirements in mind, we produce plastic components using advanced equipment and following validated processes. We aim to be your first choice of partner.
Nolato Treff Medical Solutions products


Experts in plastic processing

When it comes to plastic processing, Nolato Treff is the partner you are looking for. Our vast experience and efficient production processes are key factors in the development of the ideal solution to every challenge, however complex. We listen carefully to your needs to help ensure our products and services are the perfect match for your requirements.
Nolato Treff - injection molding and subsequent operations


We meet the highest standards

Components for food contact applications have to fulfill the highest hygienic and regulatory standards. In accordance with these requirements, Nolato Treff develops, produces and assembles parts components for the food industry in accordance with these requirements. And In this context, Nolato Treff prides itself on being a partner of renowned manufacturers of fully automatic and capsule coffee machines.
Nolato Treff - Food solution products

Standard products we offer


TreffLab - Swiss laboratory consumables 

We are continuously developing our TreffLab portfolio of laboratory products in order to provide you with the perfect equipment for your daily laboratory needs all with Swiss quality on a top level.


Join our team

Our employees are our greatest asset and are key to both our success and that of our customers. If you are highly motivated and would like to use and continue to develop your skills, then Nolato Treff looks forward to hearing from you.

Explore careers  Open positions

Career at Nolato


Design for disassembly

The most effective way of making a plastic product environmentally friendly is to make sure that the products is recycled. When it is not possible to design the entire product in the same material it needs to be easy to take apart.


Cleanroom at Nolato GW Querétaro

To broaden our customer offering in Mexico our site Nolato GW Querétaro has now added a cleanroom to their production plant. This allows us to also make products requiring a controlled environment. The new cleanroom in Querétaro has an area of 107 sqm and satisfies ISO 14644 class 8 for control of parameters such as the maximum permitted concentration of particles. Learn more:


Mass balance of plastic can accelerate the transition to bio-based raw materials

Mass balance is an interesting way to accelerate the industry’s transition to using plastic produced from sustainable, bio-based raw materials or recycled plastic. Read more here.

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