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Scott Ackerman sales Nolato Jabar

Scott Ackerman

Aerospace/MIL spec Products Worldwide



Nolato's electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding, thermal interface, and silicone sealing and damping products are widely used in the aerospace industry.

What we do

We manufacture EMI shielding, thermal interface materials, and silicone sealing and damping solutions across a broad spectrum of standard and customized products.

Advanced solutions

Advanced electronics and wireless solutions are driving the need to shield safety-critical and mission-critical systems from EMI in an increasingly electronic world. In addition, cockpits, cabins, engines and doors require the use of the excellent temperature-, oil- and solvent-resistant qualities of our non-conductive silicone products.

Broad offering

We produce electrically conductive, particle-filled elastomers in the form of gaskets, seals, wire oriented in silicone, mesh-reinforced silicone and conductive adhesives, as well as ventilation panels, optical windows and an extensive range of non-conductive sealing solutions.


Our EMI shielding, thermal interface materials and silicone mechanical sealing and damping products are manufactured in extruded, die-cut, molded or sheet form to accommodate a wide array of customer and project-specific requirements. Flexible processes allow us to efficiently take products from prototype to production.


Our experienced product design and development team is always available to assist with custom products and projects. We build to print to Mil-Spec, AMS, SAE and customer specifications.
Nolato products for the aerospace industry


If you would like more information about Nolato's services and solutions in the aerospace industry, please contact our team member(s) below.
Scott Ackerman sales Nolato Jabar
Scott Ackerman

Aerospace/MIL spec Products Worldwide

Standard products related to the aerospace industry


MIL SPEC EMI shielding products

Nolato's high-performance MIL SPEC EMI (electromagnetic interference) shielding and thermal interface products provide integrity and quality for performance-critical aerospace and telecommunication applications.


Non-conductive sealing and damping

Nolato's non-conductive sealing and damping silicone products are used in both commercial and non-commercial applications, where temperature range and resistance to solvents and fuels are critical.


Thermal Interface Materials

Our thermal management portfolio and our leading expertise in this field provide you with support and solutions for optimal efficiency and cost savings in electronics cooling.


EMC products

Nolato utilizes electrically conductive silicone, coupled with extensive expertise and experience, in our electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding solutions for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Our high-performance MIL SPEC EMI shielding products ensure integrity and quality in aerospace, automotive and telecommunication applications.


When you approach Nolato as a potential long-term partner, we listen carefully to your requirements and the challenges you need to solve to achieve your objectives.


One Nolato

Nolato is made up of many individuals working together around a common set of values and goals. Our mutual trust and support result in a solutions provider with unparalleled technical and strategic capabilities.

Global network
We work together to ensure we are at the forefront of future technologies and developing services of significant benefit for our customers.

Explore our offering

Nolato- employees in conference room

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