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Jesper Johansson sales Nolato Lövepac

Jesper Johansson


+46 732 32 67 13


Flatbed punching

Nolato has extensive experience in a wide range of cutting techniques. These are often combined to offer an optimal solution.

We offer world-leading manufacturing quality and capacity of traditional and advanced die-cut parts in both standard and cleanroom environments.

Wide range of projects

We offer experience in a broad spectrum of projects across most industrial sectors and expertise in the properties and best uses of various materials, on their own or in combination.


We use the very best of a variety of materials, on their own or in combination with each other.

High quality

We offer both the highest quality and competitive prices in our supply of materials to meet specific customer needs.


Nolato uses flatbed die-cutting to manufacture gaskets for the automotive sector and general industry.


We work with the world's leading materials manufacturers.
Flat Bed Punching production


Close cooperation with our suppliers means that we can influence the development of materials, which ultimately benefits our customers.
Flat Bed Punching production


Nolato also uses flexible and efficient production equipment that can handle most jobs, from short series to long production runs.
Flat Bed Punching production

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Micromolding is a concept used in making either extremely small components or parts from temperature-sensitive materials.


Tool manufacturing

Nolato is a leader in the design and manufacture of precision injection molds, from single- to ultra-high-cavitation molds across many industries.