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Nolato are a solutions provider for businesses that need a high-tech partner with in-depth experience and advanced capabilities in the development, production and assembly of automotive products.

What we do

We help you create solutions and manufacture components and products ranging in size from micro to macro. We work with a range of industry standards, such as IATF16949 for the automotive sector.

Advanced plastic products with high technical content

We offer a high degree of automation, with up to 4K injection molding, welding, overmolding, robot assembly, MuCell and automated foam application.

Stamped gaskets

We have extensive experience and know-how in the development and manufacturing of stamped gaskets. Our offering also includes electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding in automotive applications, either using an extruded or dispensed formed-in-place (FIP) conductive gasket.

In-depth experience in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and thermal management

The telecom industry has had significant need of EMI shielding for many years, using EMC gaskets in between metal housing covers to prevent high-frequency signal interference. The automotive sector too is now seeing a growing need for EMC solutions. With over 15 years in the telecom industry, we bring this experience, technology and quality to the automotive sector.

Thermal management for every purpose

Our thermal management solutions meet a wide range of applications for a growing number of industries. Thermal interface material (TIM) solutions are required in automotive applications wherever excess heat needs to be removed from electronics, such as digital components and electric powertrains. We listen to your requirements to find the best solution for your application.

Silicon based products for automotive environments

Silicone's chemical properties of durability and best-in-class aging properties are especially well suited to automotive environments.


When handled correctly, plastic is an amazing material that can be recycled again and again. We have in-depth knowledge of using recycled materials in our production.
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If you would like more information about Nolato's services and solutions for the automotive industry, please contact our team member(s) below.
injection molding plastics - Europe
injection molding plastics - the AMERICAs
Anthony Fleszar Nolato GW
Anthony Fleszar

injection molding plastics - asia
Alison Zhao Nolato GW
Alison Zhao

stamped gaskets - worldwide
injection molding silicones - worldwide
Mark Hammond Nolato GW
Mark Hammond

Standard products related to the automotive industry

We are a solutions provider for businesses that need a high-tech partner with in-depth experience and advanced capabilities in development, injection molding and assembly of automotive and general-industry products. These include engine components, gaskets for engines and exhaust systems, interior details and battery casings.


EMC products

Nolato utilizes electrically conductive silicone, coupled with extensive expertise and experience, in our electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding solutions for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Our high-performance MIL SPEC EMI shielding products ensure integrity and quality in aerospace, automotive and telecommunication applications.


Thermal Interface Materials

Our thermal interface material (TIM) portfolio and our leading expertise in this field provide you with support and solutions for optimal efficiency and cost savings in electronics cooling. We have the know-how and resources to guide you throughout the thermal interface material process.


When you approach Nolato as a potential long-term partner, we listen carefully to your requirements and the challenges you need to solve to achieve your objectives.


One Nolato

Nolato is made up of many individuals working together around a common set of values and goals. Our mutual trust and support result in a solutions provider with unparalleled technical and strategic capabilities.

Global network
We work together to ensure we are at the forefront of future technologies and developing services of significant benefit for our customers.

Explore our offering

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EMC and thermal management in automotive

The vehicles become connected and more and more digitalized and electrified. All the waste heat created in PCB housings creates an ever increasing demand for efficient thermal management.


Commitments and awards

Sustainability is an integral part of our strategy and our day-to-day business, and Nolato’s capabilities in offering sustainable solutions generate increased value for stakeholders and create business benefits. 


Nolato's virtual factory

Improved design robustness by combining injection molding software with measuring software - Predictive tolerance analyses