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Jonas Carlsson sales Nolato Silikonteknik

Jonas Carlsson

Director of Global Sales - Automotive

[email protected]

+46 708 12 99 95


Compashield-Molded and extruded EMI shielding gaskets

Our own brand for molded and extruded EMI shielding gaskets in the form of cans, frames, tubes, sheets and components.


Lowest compression force requirements

Compashield is our own brand for molded and extruded EMI shielding gaskets in the form of cans, frames, tubes, sheets and components. The technique involves molding or extruding electrically conductive silicone rubber into a precise size and shape. The cross-section can be rectangular, solid or hollow in various shapes and dimensions.
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  • Better compression set >30%
  • Lower compression force >20%
  • Lower compression force and better recovery
  • Twice the tensile strength
  • Electrical resistance improved by 50%
  • Designed for the future

Matrix and downloads

Compashield material matrix & datasheets
Test Procedure Unit 8604 8630 8633 8641 8650 1540 8605 8642 8648 8651
Elastomer base Silicone Silicone Silicone Silicone Silicone Silicone Silicone Silicone Silicone Silicone
Conductive filler Ag/Cu Ag/Glass Ag/Glass Ni/C Ag/Al NA Ag/Cu Ni/C Ni/C Ag/Al
Production process Molding Molding Molding Molding Molding Extrusion Extrusion Extrusion Extrusion Extrusion
Hardness ISO 7619 Shore A 55 70 55 55 50 50 78 80 80 80
Volume resistivity Mil-DTL 83528C m0hmcm 3 2 9 30 7
2 17 6 4
Flammability UL94 V1

V0 V0 V1
Material safety datasheets Ag_Cu  Ag_Glass  Ag_Glass  Ni_C  Ag_Al  Rubber  Ag_Cu  Ni_C  Ni_C  Ag_Al 


Production center and production partners

An EMC production partner is a manufacturer licensed by Nolato to use our materials and technologies for large-scale production, with ongoing support from Nolato Silikonteknik. This support extends all the way from research and development to quality control. Today we have numerous EMC production partners for our Trishield® products and manufacturing around the world, with a primary focus on Asia. We work with a growing number of partners and welcome experienced companies to join us.

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Digital world

Compashield SMT Pad

The Compashield SMT Pad is used as a grounding contact on printed circuit boards commonly used in the electronics industry and anywhere high electrical conductivity is needed in a compressible, resilient form, e.g. (mobile phones, base-stations, power amplifiers, laptop computers, PDAs, cameras & radar systems, infotainment systems, etc.).

Features and Benefits

The flexible and easily compressible SMT Pad can take up tolerances and close the gap between a PCB and another component, in addition to providing a reliable grounding contact. 

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