Nolato Cerbo

Nolato Cerbo

Nolato Cerbo AB, Box 905, SE-461 29 Trollhättan, Sweden

Visiting address: Verkmästarevägen 1-3
Phone: +46 520 409900
Fax: +46 520 409902


Active within: Medical Solutions


Main business: Pharma Packaging



ISO 9001/14001

ISO 15378

EcoVadis Rating Certificate

Ecovadis 2020


Nolato Cerbo The Movie

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Pharma Packaging

Specialists in primary plastic packaging

Design your own combination

In our virtual Dressing Room you can make your own combination of Cerbo Classic and Cerbo Solid containers and caps to order samples.

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Sales contact

Anci Petersson
Nolato Cerbo Anci Petersson +46 703 199223

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