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Patric Mattsson sales Nolato Beijing

Patric Mattsson


+46 708 74 41 70


Nolato Beijing

Located in Beijing and Suzhou in China, Nolato Beijing is a development partner, differentiation provider and supplier of consumer electronic products with substantial cosmetic content.

Our two sites in Beijing and Suzhou offer full-service solutions, from design, development and production of advanced components, subsystems and mechanical modules, to ready-packaged products. Integrated electronics and the Internet of Things (IoT) are increasingly strong drivers for our business.

examples of products

  • Consumer electronic products
  • Speaker modules
  • Sub-systems for mobile phones
  • Vaporiser Heating Products

Our sites

Our two sites offer full-service solutions from design, development and production of advanced components and subsystems to ready-packaged electronic products.
Nolato Suzhou exterior

Suzhou, China

Nolato Electronic Technology

Building E Pingqian Industrial Park
No. 46 Chunxing Road, Xiangcheng District
Suzhou 215100, China

Phone: +86 512 6939 0380


If you would like to find out more about Nolato Beijing's services and products, please contact one of our team members or use the form at the bottom of this page.


Certified environmental management systems are an important component of Nolato's sustainability work and all companies are certified. Nolato Beijing is also a Sony Green Partner.

what we do

We develop and manufacture integrated polymer products

We can help you develop solutions and then manufacture the product. This often involves multi-step assembly, paint layering and finishes, as well as metal stamping, to produce pieces that feature high integrity and unique visual appeal according to your specifications.
We support you from concept stage through multi-step assembly to a shelf-ready product.


Design for the environment

Ensuring at the development phase that a new product is easily recyclable is one of the most effective ways of making it environmentally sustainable.


Design for disassembly

The most effective way of making a plastic product environmentally friendly is to make sure that the products is recycled. When it is not possible to design the entire product in the same material it needs to be easy to take apart.


Informing our customers

Together, with the end-users who make demands on the products, we believe we can really make an environmental change by continuously informing our customers about better options. To make a difference, we need to share our knowledge and experience and never stop repeating our message about choosing better options.

Careers at Nolato beijing

A highly committed, close-knit team with supportive leadership

This is an organization where you can quickly get involved and feel the positivity from others, which boosts motivation.

We aim to provide opportunities for everyone to develop professionally and have always regarded the growth of employees as key to the growth of the company.
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Nolato Beijing team at the Great Wall in China

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