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Jonas Carlsson

Director of Global Sales - Automotive

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Trishield®: Custom and Precision Dispensed Gaskets

In the realm of electronic manufacturing and design, the demand for custom gasket solutions has never been higher.

Trishield’s custom silicone gaskets use a dispensing technology that merges exceptional EMI shielding effectiveness with mechanical performance.


Advanced Dispensing Technology for Custom-made Silicone Gaskets

Nolato's Trishield technology offers a customized solution that leading companies across high-tech industries have embraced. This approach to gasket production uses a distinctive triangular shape, optimizing material efficiency and reducing the necessary compression forces for application. 

Trishield’s customizability ensures that every custom silicone gasket meets the specifications required for each unique application. 
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The Benefits of Trishield® Custom Gaskets

Lower material consumption

Reduces costs and environmental impact by minimizing the amount of material needed, enhancing efficiency without sacrificing quality.

Optimal height/width ratio for silicone gaskets

Achieves the perfect balance between space utilization and performance, optimizing the design for compactness and effectiveness.

Up to 60% lower compression force

Decrease the amount of required fasteners (e.g. screws) in your design, enabling the use of lighter materials and contributing to the longevity of the device.

Double the output

Increases manufacturing productivity by facilitating faster application rates, significantly boosting production capacity without compromising precision.

Excellent shielding properties

Offers superior EMI shielding, ensuring device protection against electromagnetic interference, and enhancing performance, and reliability.
Trieshield product

Matrix and downloads

trishield material matrix & datasheets
Trishield 2.0
Test Procedure Unit 8520  8700  8710  8800  8813  8817  8950 
Elastomer base Silicone Silicone Silicone Silicone Silicone Silicone SiIicone
Conductive filler N/A Ag/Cu Ag/Al Ag/Ni Ni/C Ni/C Ni/C
Production process Dispensing Dispensing Dispensing Dispensing Dispensing Dispensing Dispensing
Hardness ISO 7619 Shore A 40 55 65 55 73 63 45
Volume resistivity Mil-DTL 83528C m0hmcm 2 8 15 8 12 25
Flammability UL94 V0 V0 V0 V0 V0 V0 V0
Material safety datasheets Rubber  Ag_Cu  Ag_Al  Ag_Ni  Ni_C  Ni_C  Ni_C 


Production center and production partners

An EMC production partner is a manufacturer licensed by Nolato to use our materials and technologies for large-scale production, with ongoing support from Nolato Silikonteknik. This support extends all the way from research and development to quality control. Today we have numerous EMC production partners for our Trishield® products and manufacturing around the world, with a primary focus on Asia. We work with a growing number of partners and welcome experienced companies to join us.

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