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Lövepac Converting

With two high-tech sites in China and one in Malaysia, Lövepac Converting offers manufacturing of small consumer electronic components and premium injection-molded ceramic parts.

Lövepac Converting is a solutions provider for small-sized precision mechanic, cosmetic and functional parts for leading customers within consumer electronics. In addition to advanced die-cut converting parts, we also offer premium injection-molded ceramic parts, and molded combinations of plastics and ceramics.

examples of products

  • Ceramic mechanical parts
  • Die-cut converting parts
  • Laser-bonding products
  • Small-size functional ME parts
  • Smart wearable

Our sites

With a combined production space of 8,000 m2, our three sites offer a production of advanced converting components in both standard and cleanroom environments.
Lövepack Technology in Shenzhen China

Shenzhen, China

Lövepac Technology

1st. Floor, No. 3 building, No.1 Lirong Rd.
Changyi Industrial Area, Xinshi Community, Dalang St. Longhua District
Shenzhen 518109, China

Phone: +86 755 8610 6065

Nolato Malaysia exterior

Penang, Malaysia

Nolato Malaysia

Plot 368, Lorong Perindustrian Bukit Minyak 21, 
Penang Science Park, 
14100 Simpang Ampat, Penang, Malaysia

Phone: +604 50 57 830


If you would like to find out more about Lövepac Converting's services and products, please contact one of our team members or use the form at the bottom of this page.


TJ Tan Nolato Malaysia
TJ Tan

Southeast Asia

Mattias Sköld
Mattias Sköld

North America and Europe


Certified environmental management systems are an important element of Nolato's sustainability work, and all companies are certified, acquired companies get a grace period to become certified. Download our certificates here.


Laser-activated bonding solutions


1. Superior bonding strength   
2. Outstanding waterproof performance   
3. Strong resistance to impact   
4. High rework yield   
5. Ultra-slim bezel  


Ceramic mechanical parts

Why Ceramics?

▪  Premium appearance
▪  Diamond level durability
▪  100% biologically compatible 
▪  Zero skin allergy risk
▪  Optimal corrosion and scratch resistance 
▪  Exceptional flatness and smoothness 

RÖtt KRÖN earphones

Reality meets fantasy

RÖtt KRÖN is a new brand of wearables – consumer electronics that are not only high quality but also high fashion.

This product is a showcase for the possibilities that Nolato offers customers. From ceramics to plastic, from mechanical to cosmetic options, and from molds to integrated electronics. We want to inspire our current and future consumer electronics customers to think a little outside the box. And to use the capabilities that exist to stand out from the crowd.


Die-cut converting parts

▪  Precision hole manufacturing  
▪  Any layout to customer requirements
▪  Diversified lamination solutions
▪  Special bezel-cutting process
▪  No restrictions on product structure
Die Cut production


Small functional mechanical components

One-stop shop, from development and comprehensive function testing to high-volume supply. Small components with mechanical and/or cosmetic functionality for the telecom and consumer electronics industry.
Fuctional Mechanical Parts Lövepac Converting
Want to know more?

Read more about our ceramic solutions and services


Join our team

The Nolato Group consists of three business areas that develop and manufacture products in polymer materials such as plastics, silicone and TPE. The Nolato Group offers stimulating roles and good development opportunities in an international work environment.

Explore careers in China
Career at Nolato


Our Technical Design Centers merge

Nolato's TDC in Europe, Asia and North America merge. Our global TDC functions as a hub within Nolato to support customers in the development of new products, from project launch to industrialization.


Containers from surplus material

Nolato has started a project to assess the possibility of using surplus material in the production of our standard containers instead of selling it for use in the production of plant pots/door panels and we are seeing promising results. Learn more here:


Working for a sustainable future

Constantly ensuring that everything Nolato does is sustainable and in harmony with the environment, social responsibility and business benefit is vitally important to us.

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